24: Legacy s1 ep 4

A busy morning at the CTU reception desk. First in is Nilaa, the better to be interrogated for a crime she didn’t commit. Someone calls for a “full biometric package”, which doesn’t sound nice, although in fairness it’s probably more pleasant than the Bauer treatment. The Senator still believes she’s innocent, and when some tech dude he knows manages to pull apart the incriminating footage of Nilaa in like twenty minutes, his father folds and admits that he was behind the leak, having been blackmailed by Jihadi, Jr., using the information that his company bought oil from ISIS.

Next through the CTU door is Grimes, bound for the CTU infirmary (?), although if you ask me he’s lucky to be alive. “I never wanted the terrorists to get the list!” he whines at Carter, who resists the temptation to PUNCH his STUPID FACE IN. Because, Grimes, if you don’t want terrorists to get things you shouldn’t offer to sell those things to terrorists.

And then it’s Carter’s turn. He looks impressed with the facilities. As was I, in fairness, although I’d like the return of the old CTU ringtone. Anyway, as Grimes was being taken away in an ambulance, stupid face sadly not punched in, he kept shouting “I can fix this!” to Carter, who has a lingering curiosity about how that might be accomplished. Here’s the dealio: Gabriel, an arms dealer, was supplying the terrorists, and could be used to track them. But to get Gabriel interested in a meeting you’d need bait, so how about the schematics of a new all-singing-all-dancing missile system? Understandably Mullins says no to the idea of Grimes, who he knows to be willing to sell incredibly sensitive information to terrorists, being sent out into the field with another piece of incredibly sensitive information. Carter, though, knows better, and he has Rebecca on his side. So Rebecca gets Andy to procure the schematics, Carter busts Grimes out, and off they go. It’s all OK, but still nowhere near exciting enough.

Which makes it all the more pertinent that the other storylines still aren’t pulling their weight. Poor Drew is in hospital, with Amira hovering around waiting to kill him again. She asks a contact how she might do it. Well, duh, Amira, have you never watched TV? Even I know that you connect the syringe thing up to the tube thing and squeeze some air in. Amira can’t bring herself to do it, though, until Drew wakes up and struggles with her, whereupon she puts her reservations aside. So Drew’s dead, again. Or is he? And Nicole escapes just in time to warn Isaac that he’s going to be killed by the other drug cartel, then she’s arrested, then Isaac bribes the cops to let her go, so they can stand with their faces about six inches apart and not make out. Not yet anyway. Oh, and in the meantime, in what should be the main plot, the terrorists have discovered that the USB drive is damaged and that the list can’t be accessed, although there’s someone working on it. Kind of… dull?


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