This Is Us s1 ep 14

I’m always impressed by the structure of episodes of This Is Us – the way the stories in the different timelines always seem to fit, albeit sometimes more loosely than others, round an idea or a theme, which means for all the stories and timelines are separate, the episodes hang together entirely coherently.

This week, for instance, the theme seems to be noticing and understanding what you’ve got, or what you don’t, while there’s still time. So in the 80s, Miguel and Shelly splitting up prompts Jack to bring the romance back into his marriage and jerk Ben being a jerk reminds Rebecca that her husband’s terrific. All of which is lovely, and just as well, because Kevin and Kate’s storylines are significantly less so.

Kevin’s pursuit of his ex-wife is, I guess, supposed to be romantic, and Justin Hartley does everything he can to try and make it come across that way, but it made me uneasy for reasons I couldn’t quite articulate – is it because it feels more creepy than romantic? Because it’s all about Kevin feeling lost and nostalgic rather than actually about his ex-wife at all? Because he’s blown up her life once before and here he is back to do it again? Or is it because setting up a fake Facebook profile to trick your ex into helping you spy on her is very, very bad indeed?

Perhaps it’s all of the above. It’s almost as if Kevin has been taking lessons from “great guy” Toby in how to mask controlling, annoying behaviour as “romance.” This week, the Tobester turns up at Kate’s fat camp to try and mess up her schedule completely, and when she refuses and her other controlling, annoying suitor Duke spooks him, Toby stays put, gets on Kate’s nerves – because God forbid she should be paying attention to anything but him – and is “a total ass.” For a brief, shining moment, it looks like Kate and the show have maybe turned a corner: she recognises Toby’s behaviour for what it is (INFURIATING) and calls him out on it. Hurrah! Normal service is resumed almost immediately, though: “I thought I was being myself,” he snits, before pulling the heart attack card, the loneliness card and the grandmother’s ring card, and hey presto! Kate’s the one apologising and in the wrong yet again. FFS. Of course, being Kate, this doesn’t make her want to avoid any more asshattery for the evening. Instead, she’s torn between making up with Ass No.1 and making out with Ass No.2, which is kind of like being torn between slapping yourself in the face and punching yourself in the gut.

Thankfully, however, the present timeline is redeemed, as is so often the case, by Randall’s storyline, as he struggles to balance work, home and his increasing fear of William’s approaching death. It’s not easy or even comfortable to watch, but it’s beautifully written, plotted and acted, with Sterling K Brown the treasure he always is and Susan Kelechi Watson and Ron Cephas Jones as wonderful as ever. Their scenes and their story are terrific.


2 thoughts on “This Is Us s1 ep 14

  1. Jed Bartlet April 12, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    I agree with just about all of this, which is to say that I’m starting to worry that the repeated flaws in This Is Us might be less forgivable in a second or third season.

    Toby needs shot. This business where he turns up, tries to insinuate himself into a part of Kate’s life, then sulks when he gets called on it, isn’t even remotely endearing. It’s verging on a form of domestic abuse. As you rightly say the heart attack/ring combo being used in an attempt to guilt her into regretting her (entirely reasonable) behaviour is just appalling. Although not quite as appalling as Duke. If there’s a point being made about Kate’s lack of self-esteem then fair enough, I suppose, but I don’t like it. If its being suggested that Toby and Duke are – in any way – decent bets as prospective partners, whether life or sexual, because they’re just so damn persistent (and in fairness to Toby he is at least nice to Kate, which is more than can be said for Duke) then no.

    And the same goes for Kevin and his Manic Pixie Dream Ex-Wife, who’s going to fix him by forgiving him for his behaviour during their marriage, then stalking her online, then (essentially) stalking her IRL.

    Obviously the Randall/Beth stuff is great – although, if you ask me, Beth should have been a little more understanding about Randall’s work demands – as is the Jack/Rebecca storyline. But there might come a time when it isn’t enough.

  2. Kay20 June 20, 2017 / 3:39 pm

    Kevin’s storyline also drives me nuts. Would have been nice for someone on this show to be single for a period of time – especially Kevin – to show that you don’t need to be coupled. Especially when Kate’s whole storyline is apparently that she needs a man.

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