Blindspot s2 ep 15

It’s never going to be easy to follow a Rich Dotcom episode, so some credit is due to the Blindspot team for trying something a little different in a bid to divert our attention from last week’s fun. Albeit, it’s not actually that different, since we’ve had a similar type of ep before and it was after a Rich Dotcom one last time as well. Yes, it’s time to do one of those same time/ different perspectives eps and, just for shake-up’s sake, to change up the usual sub-teams while we’re at it.

So Jane, having drawn the short straw last week, gets the only slightly less short one this week, when Kurt pairs her up with Suzy-Frowns-A-Lot Zapata, and they head off to a suspicious antique house (I think?) to get shot at. Shopping is dangerous, y’all!

In fairness to Zapata, however, she’s too busy worrying about Reade to growl at Jane for once; instead of the usual passive-aggression, we get competent, reasonably cheerful (cheerful for Tasha, that is, let’s not go wild) Zapata playing so nicely with Jane that there’s even room for some cute girl talk and some – wait for it – smiling. SMILING, you guys. Talk about changing things up.

Things are not quite so positive in Team Patterson and Reade, meanwhile, because Reade, having traded one warm body for another, is all coked up again, almost getting himself shot as a result (there’s a lot of rogue shooting going on this week), and Patterson, having eyes and a brain, is onto him. Not that he listens to the woman who saved his life, oh no. Sigh. Enough, you guys. As this storyline has gone on, my sympathies for Reade have dwindled from not insubstantial to barely there at all, which I assume is not the intended effect. Come on, dude. Get a grip.

Kurt, meanwhile, is all grip. Having won first prize last week with his “date” with Rich, Agent Weller takes one for the team this time around and pairs himself up with (*deep breath*) Roman. After a little light sparring – or a missed opportunity to pummel his head in, your mileage may vary – the unusually serene (again, serene for Weller, that is; we’re not talking meditation, more just not threatening to beat anyone to death) Kurt takes Ragey McMoanyFace out into the field because apparently sending him to a CIA black site instead would be bad. (Well, bad for Roman, I guess. For the viewer, not so much. But I’m getting distracted.) Anyway, Kurt takes Cheery Chops to the improbably but hilariously-named MediSpa to investigate potential organ trafficking as opposed to mud baths and mani-pedis and – the biggest change of the week – for once, Roman doesn’t disgrace everyone and end up under a mountain of entirely avoidable bodies. Hurrah! Although Kurt pretending Furious McWoebegone is “suprisingly good company” as opposed to “barely tolerable on this one occasion, and that’s really only because he fancies the guy’s sister” is a step too far.

A step not far enough is what may have doomed Kalinda, though; while everyone else is busy wife partner-swapping, she goes solo and forgets rule no.1 for getting into cars in procedural tv drama. Always check the back seat, girlfriend. ALWAYS CHECK THE BACKSEAT. Unless you want to give us a good cliffhanger to an equally good, solid episode. In which case, as you were…..


One thought on “Blindspot s2 ep 15

  1. Jed Bartlet March 15, 2017 / 1:43 pm

    I thought this was really well done, for a non-Rich episode. Mixing the partnerships up, essentially leaving us with one good guy and one annoying guy in each team, helped to dilute the impact of the latter. I should qualify that by saying that I don’t mind Tasha as much as you do, and Reade would be OK if we could get him away from this storyline. And the Rashomon-esque playing around with multiple perspectives was well done. Roman, though, looks beyond redemption, and I don’t know why the writers keep trying to make him a thing.

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