24: Legacy s1 ep 3

Carter is trapped in the evidence locker, but improvises a way out: he’d strapped a bomb, which I must admit I’d thought would turn out to be fake, to one of his hostages, so he detaches it from its human host and uses it to blast through a wall and escape. Classic 24. Good times. But then he’s cornered again. Fortunately, at that precise moment Rebecca and Andy pass a hi-tech lie detector at CTU, and Rebecca is able to tell the police to stand down… not so classic 24, really.

And that sets the pattern for this curiously inert episode. With everyone at CTU now on the same team Carter is left in the field to arrange a cash-for-McGuffin swap with Grimes, shadowed by Agent Locke, who turns out to be Andy’s ex. However, Carter’s whereabouts is also being monitored by Jihadi Jr., and his gang of thugs turn up when the exchange is taking place. As the bullets fly, Jr. makes off with the McGuffin, so presumably sleeper cells will be waking up all over America, or whatever the eff the point of the USB drive is.

It isn’t great, but it’s OK. And the other OK storyline this week belongs to Nilaa, now very much in the frame as the source of the leak. She denies it, of course, but there’s no evidence to back up her story that she was out for a run at the time her terminal was accessed; and, in fact, a photo exists which suggests that she’s lying about her whereabouts. But we discover that the CCTV system which provided the photo was hacked by someone working for kindly old Gerald McRaney, Senator Donovan’s daddy. So is he the baddie? Or is he working for someone? (The latter, of course.)

The Hot For Terrorist Teacher plot continues to be an irritation, but in fairness it provided this week’s only genuinely unexpected moment, when Drew – battered to death last week – comes back to life and staggers out of the classroom, just about managing to draw attention to himself before keeling over again and being taken to hospital. So Amira’s now going to have to kill him again, which is an obvious challenge. And, to be honest, I’m on the verge of just fast-forwarding through Aisha, Nicole, and their dumb subplot about who’s going to run Isaac’s drug business.

The ratings in America are on the slide, which isn’t a huge surprise: this wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t anywhere near good enough. I’d say that 24: Legacy needs a standout episode pretty soon.


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