Scandal s6 ep 4

It’s easy to overlook that, in its way, Scandal can be as flat-out weird as something like, say, Legion. Take this episode. The Vice-President elect, Cyrus, is in prison awaiting trial for assassinating the President-elect. You would think this to be the highest-profile crime in, like, the entire history of the Republic – although there are one or two fairly spectacular ones being committed in full view and in real life just now – but the prison staff have to affect not to know anything about him when he’s being admitted. Thereafter, his main prison buddy is a multiple killer who ate his victims. After being beaten up by Hispanic prisoners annoyed at Cyrus’s subversion of the democratic process, he and Cannibal Killer team up to escape from their cells and find Tom Larson who claims, with what looks like his dying breath, that he wasn’t involved in the Vargas shooting. There’s a deeply annoying fantasy sequence thrown in for good measure.

Meantime Mellie, who now thinks that she’s President-elect, is twerking in the OPA offices, while Charlie – who is, as far as I can see, a full time Gladiator by virtue of being Quinn’s boyfriend – and Quinn futz around on their computers. Huck is cyber-stalking a witness in the Vargas shooting, who for some reason seems to be attracted to his creepy intensity. (Maybe I’m not best placed, but really?) He, though, is at least still sufficiently on his game to point out that there continue to be holes in the official narrative, which means that the team do some more digging and discover that Tom couldn’t have shot Vargas, which Tom is simultaneously saying to Cyrus while in a chokehold. And if Tom’s innocent, then Cyrus is too. But who did kill Vargas and Jenny? It’s going to be B-613, isn’t it? Oh God.

And Fitz, now officially bedding FBI woman, gets into a spat with Abby, who has told Rosen that, by the authority of the President, the death penalty is off the table in respect of Cyrus. I must admit I didn’t quite get this; Abby was very obviously overstepping the mark when she claimed Presidential authority, but why did she do it in the first place? Everyone seems concerned that Abby shouldn’t have presumed to speak for POTUS, but no-one seems too bothered about political interference in the justice system, either then or when Fitz gives a press conference and states that, yes, he will be looking for the death penalty for Cyrus. All remarkably silly, even by the standards of Scandal, and not in a good way.


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