Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 8

Grace is at a school dance, chaperoned by Danny, which is of course just about the worst thing imaginable if you’re Grace. Particularly as Danny is convinced that she has a boyfriend, and is determined to find out who it is. Meantime, Grover’s son Will – who was interrogated by his father last week about the identity of Grace’s boyfriend – is at the same dance and, per Grover, suddenly taking an interest in his personal hygiene. Well, we can join these dots easily enough: yes, in much the same way as the grand royal families of Europe would broker suitable marriages between their children, the Houses of Grover and Williams are to be joined in adolescent love. (Or they could just feature in a spinoff, called Grace & Will or something.)

But while Danny is interrogating the hapless Will, something happens to take his mind off his daughter’s love life: some gunmen burst in and take everyone apart from the two of them hostage, leaving Danny and Will with a kind of Die Hard-esque mission: stop the gunmen, alert the outside world, try not to get killed. This will mean, in some way, getting word to Steve, Grover and Chin, who are at a poker night with the extended Five-0 family, including Kamekona, and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Although since, as I’m writing this, Dog is at CPAC trying to rally support for a possible Senate run in Wisconsin by Sheriff David Clarke, a Trump consigliere, Dog can eff off.

The terrorists are trying to abduct the son of a Filipino diplomat in the hope of trading him for their leader, imprisoned in the Phillipines and about to be executed. Slight problem: according to the diplomat, and unknown to the wider world, he has in fact been executed ahead of schedule. So when Steve rocks up at the school he’s out of options, and is going to have to go in hot, which is kind of how he likes it anyway. As an episode, it isn’t without a certain charm, even if we have to add this to the list of unimaginable traumas to have befallen Grace. If the poor girl isn’t in therapy, she should be.

The Return of Bromance Watch! “Pick a base.”


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