Blindspot s2 ep 13


Let me start by saying it doesn’t make any sense that nobody had Jane sit down with a sketch artist as soon as she met Shepherd and then run the resultant image through military files weeks ago, but it’s not as if logic is Blindspot’s strong point. Now that we’ve found her in Weller’s yearbook instead though, it’s time for a quick flashback to military school where a leaner, lankier but equally grumpy Kurt is acting out – some things don’t change – before encountering Shepherd/ Ellen Briggs for the first time.

Back in the present, we’re off to school once again, as Kurt, Jane and Kalinda turn up at his Alma Mater to find out, disconcertingly, that Shepherd has had a weird crush on him at the very least since he was a teenager and she was a fully-grown mid-ranking member of the armed forces secretly offering to pay for the rest of his education. Girlfriend, WTF?

While Weller and his two exes visit a nursing home to try and work out what Major Mrs Robinson sees in him – on another channel, this would be a bittersweet indie road trip movie about failed relationships, very probably starring a Duplass brother and Olivia Wilde – Reade and Zapata follow the Tat of the Week to a domestic terror plot, only to find the man ostensibly in charge of it wandering nonchalantly through FBI HQ. “I’m an informant!” he bleats indignantly, which seems unlikely at first since informants don’t just get the run of the place, do they, but turns out to be true because again, logic, Blindspot, strong point et cetera.

Poor Mr Informant has apparently been put up to the whole business by a rogue Agent running an “off-book” op, which Weller, to his credit, is completely outraged by. “My office does not radicalise people!” he yells, with touching but clearly misplaced faith in his colleagues, “Or create a terror cell just to bring them down!” Oh, hon. Try watching the past season and 1/2 back again, having another good read of Mayfair’s secret files or even just taking a closer look at what Patterson’s up to this week – your office gets up to a whole load of things.

Which our hero knows deep down, of course, giving him his weekly opportunity to flagellate himself for not being Mayfair (although Mayfair was neck-deep in felonies, let’s not forget) and Kalinda a chance to comfort him again. Step OFF, Kalinda. We all know where your “comfort” took us all last time.

As Kurt does his usual then, so does Zapata, once again using a mission as an excuse to indulge her mortifyingly obssessive interest in Reade’s love life. Girlfriend, if you want to be part of Reade’s love life, BE PART OF READE’S LOVE LIFE. But if not – it’s not your beeswax. Even if it does now involve a potential coke habit. Ruh-roh.

Plenty of time for rehab and Rapata later in the season, though. First we have to foil yet another plot to blow up Manhattan (if I were another of the Five Boroughs, I might be feeling a little slighted by now), Roman has to get in his Whine of the Week, Jane has to go on a date(!), Patterson has to collapse(!!), and raving lunatic Shepherd has to kidnap Weller (!!!) and murder a defenceless old man in front of him because she’s not just crazy, she’s crazy in love. Or something. Maybe she’s got into Reade’s girlfriend’s coke. Whatever. I enjoyed most of this ep, and the plot seems to be moving forward at speed even if Roman and Rapata continue to drive me up the wall.


3 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 13

  1. Jed Bartlet February 25, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    Just realised I haven’t commented on this. I found it a little wearing to start with, precisely because Kurt was so angry, even by his standards. Dude, calm down and let Patterson do her job. (I mean, obviously IRL I’d be marching against illegal Government intelligence-gathering programmes, but it’s Blindspot and it’s Patterson.) Overall I liked it well enough, though.

    • CJ Cregg February 26, 2017 / 12:21 am

      Yeah, Kurt was in a really bad mood this week. Don’t supoose that encounter with Shepherd will have cheered him up any either…. Although maybe it will send him back to Jane for comfort as the only other person who knows what it’s like to be manipulated, tied up and generally annoyed by Shepherd? *hopeful face*

  2. Kay20 June 6, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    Kurt made no friends this episode and it drives me nuts when all the show does is have him yell for what feels like the whole hour. Blegh.

    Wish the women weren’t all “my man!” either. I’m having shades of This Is Us and Kate here. Jane is on a date, Zapata’s talks with Reade are indeed getting weird, and Patterson is obsessed about finding Borden. This might be why my favorite continues to be Kalinda who had an office romance and yet is acting professional.

    Not the best ep, but that might be my reaction to the focus on Kurt and the utterly un-original coke storyline for Reade.

    Super excited about Rich dot com next week to bring some levity.

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