Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 7

Steve’s at home, strutting around his kitchen: hey there, Big Kahuna, what’s cooking? Lynn – about whom, I must confess, I’d quite forgotten – is round for dinner, presumably in her role as Steve’s squeeze du jour. It’s all going well, right up until the point where Catherine turns up at the door. Awks. “Could this not have waited? Another half-an-hour and I’d have been… damn”, Steve doesn’t say; because Catherine’s news is that Steve’s mom Doris has been locked up in a CIA black site while trying to rescue Wo Fat’s dad. Yes, Lynn, this is the sort of thing that happens when you’re dating the Commander.

So – ignoring the storylines featuring Chin and his niece, and Lou’s prurient questioning of his son about Danny’s daughter’s love life – off we go to an unconvincing Morocco. It turns out to be easy enough to line up not one, but two planes at short notice, because although to start with it’s just Steve and Catherine on the mission, soon enough Chin, Kono, and Lou appear as well, presumably leaving Danny holding the fort on Oahu. Power is cut, explosives are detonated, mother-to-son explanations are demanded, and Doris and Wo père are freed. It’s all reasonably standard fare, with such grace notes as there are being provided by Steve grappling for the truth behind his mother abandoning him in childhood, and Catherine and Steve once more raking over the coals of their relationship.

But here’s the thing I don’t get, and it bugged me all the way through the show. If there were someone I wanted to rescue from a CIA black ops site in Morocco, and an armed group of us chartered a couple of planes to get there, abducted and blindfolded a CIA operative, and snatched not one but two high-value targets who disappeared into the wind, I’d expect… consequences? Whether legal or extra-judicial. It’s the CIA, the Company, for God’s sake; whatever you think about it, I suspect we’d all agree that you can’t just go about exfiltrating its prisoners without expecting a tap on the shoulder at the very least. And I’m not a member of American law enforcement, unlike Steve and the Five-0, which quite possibly brings the whole thing within nudging distance of treason. Yet the theoretical ramifications, whether judicial, ethical, or off-the-books, are – as far as I can recall – never even mentioned. So if you’re the Five-0, it seems, you can wage a private war on the CIA and entirely get away with it. Huh.


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