Homeland s6 ep 4

I don’t want to be ageist or anything, but has Saul not earned the right to a quiet retirement, rather than being abducted on a weekly basis? This week he reaches out to Majid Javadi, an old Iranian contact from season 3, and asks him to check whether Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal the two of them helped broker. But when about to leave his sister’s house on the West Bank, he’s “picked up” by the helpful Etai, who already has form for abducting him, kind of, when Israeli ambassador to Germany, and who offers to “take him to the airport”, which translates as sticking Saul in a secure room somewhere under suspicion of doing the very thing that he did, i.e. reach out to moderate Iranian opinion.

While he’s bluffing his way though that, Dar Adal is still on manoeuvres back home, and he – or a member of Team Dar – leaks to the press that President-elect Keane is soft on Iran. There’s then a truly chilling moment as Dar, in full Prince of Darkness mode, turns up outside Franny’s preschool – I was genuinely surprised that the kids didn’t start screaming – in order to try and persuade Carrie to stop briefing Keane.

Meantime, though, the other story arcs are starting to come together. Sekou has been released from prison, and although the deal is that he’s to keep his mouth shut, that’s not a condition which he feels particularly inclined to fulfil, particularly given that his homies think he must have become an informant in order to get out. So he posts a video in which he blows the cover of the FBI source who entrapped him. Well, Carrie is furious, and begs Sekou to take the video down, which he eventually does, by alluding to the risks she ran on his behalf. “I can’t keep working this way”, bleats the sanctimonious attorney. Better get used to it, dude, if you’re in bed with Carrie.

But Sekou is free to go back to his job. And it’s this which, by the end of the episode, will – finally – give Quinn’s storyline some relevance. Admittedly it’s after he once again spends the best part of the episode titting around in the apparently mistaken and paranoid but (of course) totally accurate belief that there’s something going on in the apartment across the road. Not that he can join the dots yet, but in the middle of the night he follows across-the-road dude to a delivery company, and the next day Sekou is at work at the very same delivery company. Sekou then drives one of the company’s vans into Manhattan, where it explodes. So presumably the guy that Quinn’s been watching has turned Sekou into an unwitting but plausible suicide bomber? And presumably it isn’t coincidence that he’s been living across the street from Carrie, the woman whose advocacy project has been representing Sekou? It didn’t feel like quite as much of a game-changer as similar incidents in Homelands past, but it gave the episode a satisfying crunchiness.



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