This Is Us s1 ep 10


It’s Christmas Eve and, in the past, we’re spending the evening in the hospital because Kate has appendicitis and Dr K is haemorrhaging internally. NOOOOO! In the present, meanwhile, Kevin’s theatre run has been cancelled because Olivia’s M.I.A so he goes to Sloane’s family Hannukah dinner to make up for it; Kate and her mother butt heads at the surgeon’s office (the idea that Kate would actually take her mother there, given how strained their relationship is, is pretty dubious); and Randall buys a midlife crisis boat to make up for his father abandoning him and his mother lying to him, and everything generally being a bit fraught. “This boat is not a boat, Randall,” Beth observes, “This boat is sadness.” Heh.

Just as well then, that, according to Rebecca, everything’s going to be fine because “nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve.” (Disclaimer: do not make any life decisions based on this, at best, overly optimistic, at worst, wholly inaccurate statement.) Plenty of tearjerking stuff does happen apparently, though, with Kevin asking “If I wanna pray, which one works the best?” breaking me a little bit, and Randall and Dr K’s beautiful snowglobe scene reducing me to a pathetic puddle of tears and tissues. If Dr K hadn’t woken up, I would probably have required sedation, but he’s fine, THANK GOD. He’s fine.

The stakes are almost as high in the modern timeline, as, in a stunningly powerful sequence, Randall talks a suicidal workmate off the ledge (literally) and Sterling K Brown once again proves himself the greatest actor currently on TV. William reconnects with a lost love, giving his granddaughter a joyous (and rare, in this show, given the strength of the rest of the cast) chance to steal a scene from right under everyone else’s noses. And Kevin and Sloane decide to “put the show on right here!” once again showing that although Kevin can be a jerk, he can also be very sweet and generous when he wants to be. (Clue: Olivia not being around definitely helps.)

It’s all sappy and sentimental and gorgeous, so I loved almost everything about it, except, as usual, Kate’s weight storyline which this time includes Toby turning up to crash the party with what is meant to be a grand romantic gesture but feels more rooted in control and bad manners than love. The fact that, after sex, he then goes on to have a heart attack(?), presumably to make Kate feel even worse about herself and even more tied to him, doesn’t really make things any better. There’s a lot I adore about this show, but really if Kate and Toby both went off into the great beyond together, I wouldn’t miss either of them.


2 thoughts on “This Is Us s1 ep 10

  1. Snoskred February 12, 2017 / 10:32 pm

    That snowglobe scene. SOB!

    I deeply hate Toby. When the heart attack happened, I hoped he would not survive it. Is that terrible? I think not. 😉

  2. Jed Bartlet February 15, 2017 / 1:16 pm

    Much as I detest Toby I’d be prepared, sort of, to give him a pass on his party-crashing – I think it was intended to be a grand romantic gesture of the sort which doesn’t happen IRL, but which occurs often enough in TV/movies. Having said that, although I’m sure he’ll survive, I wouldn’t shed any tears were he not to. That incident with the football game still annoys me.

    Everything else was great, of course: the rooftop scene, the snowglobe scene, the Hanukkah scene (Sloan FTW, although you just know that Kevin won’t be able to resist the appalling Olivia if she comes sliding back into his life), the wonderful Denis O’Hare.

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