Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 6

The annual Halloween episode. H50 has, at best, a mixed record with these. It starts promisingly, with a cold open in which, in 1940, the police go to a house from which unusual sounds have been heard, and a terrified woman answers the door.

That’s pretty much the high point, though: when the police enter the house, strange things happen, because the house is… haunted! Oh God. And so to the present day, in which Marjorie Webb, a medium, is found dead in the very same house. Max takes a peek at the corpse and concludes that she died of fright. “Why”, wonders Steve, “would somebody want Marjorie Webb dead?” Well, she’s a medium, so that’s good enough for me. And, as it happens, for Danny: “Because”, he reasonably observes, “she’s a con artist”. The killer is obvious from the first moment we see him/her. Meantime Jerry is babysitting Grace, who doesn’t want to go trick-or-treating. Commendably, she sulks most of the way through the episode. I’m with her.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: The whole of the B-plot. In the silliest storyline of the week, indeed the season so far, Kono and Nosh, heading for a romantic getaway, are captured by a hitherto-undetected white masked death cult. They live.


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