Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 5

It’s time, finally, for Kono to untie the yellow ribbon, and have a bit of a tidy-up: Adam is getting out. First stop is Kamekona’s, so that Flippa can serenade them with a ukulele-backed ‘Let’s Get It On’. I’m not sure that would put me in the mood, but then I’m not a double killer either, I suppose. Then, in the post-coital afterglow, the Nosh does what any man would in the circumstances: he asks Kono to “run a name”. Which isn’t a metaphor: he actually wants her to find the daughter of a guy with whom he was in the joint. Yes, out for ten minutes and he’s doing favours for fellow criminals. Although this time, once the circumstances are revealed, he can just about be forgiven. Next week: Adam flies a drone full of drugs and guns into Halawa as a birthday present for someone who had his back.

Meantime, the A-plot is storming along. A pimped-up bulldozer is driven into a gun club, injuring a dozen patrons, and is then parked in the street outside. Steve ponders what to do. “Cover me”, he demands. “Cover you how… with what?” wonders Danny, as Steve goes charging towards the bulldozer, but it doesn’t matter; the driver had parked directly over a manhole, and has escaped through the floor of the vehicle.

When the driver, going by the name of Marvin, shoots and kills a local gun fanatic, though, it becomes clear that the Five-0 is dealing with someone intent on making a point about gun control. Now then, I thought, this should be interesting: H50, much as I love it, has something of a small-c conservative streak, so how’s it going to handle this issue? Well enough, I suppose: Danny is firmly on the side of control and against “gun nuts”; Steve is more of a Second Amendment kind of guy, but since this isn’t a situation in which the arguments are in any way equivalent it probably doesn’t matter too much what was actually said, and the irony of having a guy running around with guns trying to make a point about how dangerous guns are doesn’t go unremarked.

Anyway, Marvin – played by Brent Sexton, a proper actor – holes up in a courthouse, takes a few hostages, and demands to go on TV to make his point. Kono and Grover impersonate a news crew to get into the courtroom, but are unmasked fairly quickly. But Danny manages to talk Marvin down, having discovered that the reason for his actions is a sad one; and the montage at the end, soundtracked by a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Beautiful Boy’, was genuinely moving. I’m actually quite startled by how good this was.


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