Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 4

There isn’t much suspense at the start of this episode: Alicia is so certain that the Knight Stalker is Dr Meredith Gray that, unaccompanied, she breaks into Dr Gray’s house, which gets her a kitchen knife to the back. When Steve turns up he receives the same welcome, then receives a meat tenderiser to the side of the head. But before Dr Gray can start beating them with, say, a wooden spoon or an egg-whisk, she hands them over to a pair of serial killers to be disposed of. Fortunately, the serial killers are the sort who prefer complicated deaths to simple ones, so instead of just shooting Steve and Alicia they throw them into the water, giving them ample opportunity to escape.

This is interspersed with Secret Pain flashbacks: a few years before, Alicia’s daughter joined the FBI, and was murdered by a Lecter-esque killer. Dr Grey’s Secret Pain is that she was abused by her father, although we’re spared those flashbacks. And my Secret Pain is that the Knight Stalker is a woman, because had it been a man I was going to give Pawn Wayne Gacy a runout this week. Never mind.

Apart from that, Kono reveals that the Nosh is about to be released, which still sounds like a pretty sweet deal for a gangster-turned-killer-turned-prison breaker. The writers keep trying to make Chin’s niece into a thing, and I’m resisting for as long as I can. Kamekona is selling shrimp-filled doughnuts. Alicia, now rescued, is resting her head on Steve’s shoulder and gazing up at him in a way which makes him – or did I imagine it? – somewhat uncomfortable. And Dr Gray is in the wind; specifically in California, wearing an unconvincing Irish, and dining with some dude who presumably doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Were I her I wouldn’t have wanted to leave that fabulous house on Oahu and its sea view, but I suppose circumstances forced her hand. No Danny, but I was entertained.


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