Blindspot s2 ep 10


A high-anxiety, high-pressure ep of Blindspot this week, with just about everybody on the Joint Tat Task Force (except Reade who is loving the morphine life till Zapata friend-zones him a little too emphatically and harshes his buzz) fighting, freaking out, or strapped to a table while a crazy woman sticks needles in their ears.


Roman, whose memory loss and GSW to the chest have nonetheless left his fighting skills and perennial sadface entirely intact, professionally embarrasses Jane by beating her up and taking her car, albeit her excuse will be that she let him win. Jane’s day then gets worse before it gets better, and she’s arrested by the authorities and huckled to Tat HQ in handcuffs. Things start looking up immediately after that, however, as the distraught Kurt – having had to face the possibility his adored “asset” may be dead, while Kalinda tries very hard not to punch the air – is simultaneously overjoyed she’s ok and outraged that anyone (well, almost anyone, amirite, Kurt?) would dare touch her. The Jeller ship is back on the horizon, you guys. All aboard!

But first, we need to rescue poor Patterson who spends the ep subject to a litany of indignities. Not only has her boyfriend turned out to be a mole, but he’s shot her, tied her to a plank of wood, offered her up to his psychotic boss for extremely “enhanced interrogation”, and added insult to already spectacular injury by explaining that he’s doing it all for his dead wife. Way to make a girl feel special, doc.

As the brave, battered Patterson refuses to surrender the JTTF’s secrets, Kurt and Jane head out to retrieve Roman the wanderer, now busy polishing off both breakfast and a small army, with fists, feet and a large toasting fork. I say again: OWWWWWWW.

By this point, Zapata has already spoken for the bemused audience by snidely but fairly pointing out that Jane wiping Roman’s memory renders him completely useless in the search for Patterson or indeed anything else (except hand-to-fork combat), and for once I agree with her, but Kurt and Jane bring him back anyway because the producers have paid for the big radioactive Chair of Truth and they’re going to make it worth their while, dammit.

Tasha’s right, though; Roman remembers nothing, so while Jane frets Jane-ishly and Kalinda gets all huffy about the stupid Chair, Zapata does some decent police work and tracks down an actual lead, but because she’s Zapata she manages to do it in the most annoying fashion possible. Since Dylan Baker then pops up to try and shut the programme down in the middle of an incredibly serious investigation again – what is WITH this guy? – everyone’s too distracted to tell her to tone down the ‘tude, though, and Kurt has to go to full glower power to save Roman from the CIA, Kalinda from the unemployment line and the JTTF from the annals of (classified and no doubt heavily redacted) history.

Dylan Baker having given up with little more than a waggling finger – possibly because he realised he was being RIDICULOUS – then, the Patterson plan’s back on, and just in time too since Dr Borden (turning out to be more and more of a catch by the second) is about to finish things with her in a very permanent fashion. The JTTF save her in the nick of time, of course, but this time it’s Weller’s turn to be professionally embarrassed as he goes mano a mano with Dr B, and ends up handcuffed to his own leg as a result. Oh, Kurt.

Patterson’s ok, though, that’s the main thing, and not only that, but she’s found a rough draft Jane with an extra tattoo because why not? Another mad episode, with plenty of excitement to go around, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the needles. Go Patterson! (And maybe stay single for a bit, just to be safe.)


2 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 10

  1. Jed Bartlet January 30, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    This was great. Blindspot is very much on form at the moment. But do NOT torture my beloved Patterson, particularly with – ew – needles in the ears. I would quite happily have been on board with #Rapata, but poor old Reade was misreading the signals. (As was I, in fairness; I thought there was something there ever since the Underwear Incident.) And how comes Kurt, the baddest agent in the country, gets his ass kicked by a sensitive psychiatrist?

    Rough Draft Jane! With an extra tattoo! One more time: I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    • CJ Cregg January 30, 2017 / 11:32 pm

      I wondered about sensitive psych beating macho man Kurt as well – I guess Shepherd must have taught the man some moves.

      If Reade was misreading the signals, we all were – there’s definitely something there. At least that’s how Zapata’s been playing it. I’m guessing she’ll eventually admit she feels the same way but refuses to act on it because of the risk to their friendship or some such guff.

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