Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 3

Alicia, the retired profiler unwillingly dragged into the Five-0’s investigation of the killer with a thing about chess – who I’m going to call the Knight Stalker until I can come up with something better – wakes up to find a blood-soaked corpse beside her in bed. Ew. Ew. The corpse, of course, has a pawn in its mouth. “She’s invested now, which is good”, sniffs Danny; which seems a little bit callous about an incident which would have any normal person in intensive therapy for the rest of her life, a life which would be cut short by her complete inability to go to sleep.

We’ll return to the Knight Stalker in due course. Meantime, though, there’s a Case of the Week: victim A fell around 10,000 feet, then through the roof of someone’s house, and victim B was the (very) unlucky householder, who got shot. In due course the dots will be joined and it will turn out that a drug cartel is hunting its boss, for the purposes of killing him rather than extracting him from Oahu. This plot is H50 by-the-numbers, although it has a nice ending: I didn’t for a second think that Steve was going to exchange a bag containing $10 million in drug money for the cartel boss, but nor did I expect the bag to contain REDACTED.

Meantime Kono has been called to the police station, where an old surfing adversary, Rosey Valera, is in custody. (We never find out what for, as it happens.) It turns out that Rosey gave up surfing and signed up for the army, but lost her legs in an IED explosion. I could perhaps have done without Kono lecturing Rosey about accepting help – “You have too much pride!” – but it is, I think, a well-meaning if slight storyline. Moreover, given how much screentime the show has lavished in the past on images of the “perfect” body, male and female, it’s good to see that Rosey (played by Kanya Sesser, born without legs) gets to put a bikini on and go surfing with Kono.

And, finally, back with the Knight Stalker. There’s a common link between some of the victims – they were being investigated by a Detective Lau, who then committed suicide. Lau is exhumed, which inevitably establishes that he was in fact murdered, so Steve and Alicia head over to the office of Dr Madison Gray, the psychologist Lau was seeing before his death. Before Dr Gray comes in, though, they find a book about medieval chess in her office, immediately making her the number one person of interest. Dr Gray, incidentally, is played by Elisabeth Röhm, who was Deputy District Attorney Amanda Taylor in Stalker. (I’m delighted that so many Stalker alums are turning up in Unpopcult-endorsed shows.) Not as good as the first two episodes in the season, but fine.


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 3

  1. Traxy January 20, 2017 / 7:03 pm

    Was it just us or was Rosey’s actor not a very good actor?

    • Jed Bartlet January 20, 2017 / 8:27 pm

      As far as I can tell she isn’t actually an actor at all: she’s a model. H50 has a bit of a track record of casting non-actors. Sometimes it works, other times… not so much.

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