Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 2

After last week’s parkour-laden extravaganza, Hawaii Five-0 goes full-on James Bond this week: Hawaii Five-00, if you will. Urbane rogue MI6 agent Harry Langford (Chris Vance) steals some diamonds from local gangster Lucky Morad, shags a model who is later found dead, and goes to ground. When the Five-0 catch up with Harry he reveals that he is, in fact, in deep cover as part of his pursuit of El Hamadi, a terrorist, and that the stolen diamonds were payment by an associate of El Hamadi to Morad for a McGuffin which can be used to crack any digital network.

Next stop is Prague, where El Hamadi’s point man is apprehended and, after a little torture porn, reveals that the plan is to crash nuclear power plants across Europe. The attack is stopped – Steve’s approach to turning a laptop off is more profitable than Harry’s – but as Steve and Danny bicker Harry runs off with the McGuffin. Uh-oh: he’s gone rogue after all!

Which takes us to Pakistan, where Harry is using the McGuffin to get a meeting with El Hamadi, now revealed to have killed Harry’s wife in a terrorist attack. He wants revenge (i.e. unsanctioned extrajudicial execution) but Steve persuades him to go about things the right way, safe in the knowledge that his methods generally lead to a high body count anyway. Sure enough, there’s no need to set aside a courtroom for El Hamadi to stand trial in.

And then to London, for this season’s first “Oh, FFS!” Watch: a trip to Buckingham Palace, where “Commander Steven McGarrett” and “Lieutenant Daniel Williams” are awarded the George Cross. By HM Queen Elizabeth II. Danny visibly toys with a wisecrack but suppresses the impulse. I’m not sure “Oh, FFS!” Watch has anywhere to go after this, to be honest.

That would probably be enough, but there’s some subplot action as well; I don’t give a flying one about the custody of Chin’s niece, but last week’s Chesspiece Killer is understandably still weighing on Steve’s mind, so he and Danny hit up retired profiler Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani). She observes that the object left at Steve’s house last time is a knight, which is a very important piece. Well maybe, Alicia, but if you don’t know Steve you’ll not know that it should have been a king, or a rook at the very least. The Big Kahuna isn’t no knight. Alicia is reluctant to get involved at first, but her fascination gets the better of her. (As Forlani is a little older than Alex O’Loughlin, I’m guessing that there’s no chance of their relationship becoming more than professional.) Another very good episode.


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