Timeless s1 ep 4

So, four episodes in, is Timeless worth sticking with? This week Jiya – Timeless’s geek girl equivalent of Blindspot’s Patterson – has managed to trace the Big Time Machine, but by the time everyone gets to the location Flynn evades capture by transporting to the Germany of late 1944. Now, Nazi Germany is, of course, the greatest of all the time-travel destinations: if you had the chance, would you kill Hitler? Would you? Would you? (Yawn.)

To its credit, Timeless doesn’t give anyone the opportunity to kill Hitler, nor is Flynn trying to give the Nazis that nuclear weapon from last week (which is pressed into action as a power source for the BTM). But Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus head there anyway, using the Little Time Machine, and discover that Flynn’s plan is more subtle, yet – by 1944 anyway – arguably more far-reaching: to hand Wernher von Braun over to the USSR, rather than allowing him to get to America. As this would change the course of the Cold War, and perhaps stop the US from getting to the Moon, Flynn needs to be stopped. Can anyone help? Well, yes: an undercover British intelligence officer. But not just any old British officer; it turns out that by going into the right bar and ordering the right drink you can make contact with Ian Fleming, who would in due course turn his real life wartime experience into a modestly successful series of spy novels. Meantime, Fleming’s something of a playa as well: “James Bond’s hitting on Lucy!” breathes Rufus to Wyatt.

Von Braun is saved for the post-war West, although the show has a reasonable stab at debating whether he deserves such a benign outcome, after the destruction wrought by his creations; Lucy and Wyatt are now starting to register a slight flutter on my shipping seismograph; and Rufus is threatened by someone connected with Rittenhouse, whatever that might be. There is, however, a moment which is both meta and poignantly optimistic, when Lucy wonders how she’s going to lay her hands on some lederhosen for their trip to Germany, and Mason shows her a warehouse brimming with costumes from every era and continent. I’d imagine that’s only going to be needed if Timeless is renewed, though, which at the moment looks unlikely. This is a shame: I like it, I think it’s good fun, and at the moment I’m intending to stay the course.


3 thoughts on “Timeless s1 ep 4

  1. Kay20 January 16, 2017 / 6:32 am

    Growing to love this show more and more. I love the quaint humor and the band of three really feels like a team. It makes you understand Rufus’ angst.

    Plus the history is fun to think about.

    The end “fangirling” moment made me laugh as well as Wyatt’s reaction upon meeting Fleming.

    I need more shows like this. It makes me think, but it’s all grand fun. Less dour than Frequency this one is a keeper.

    • Jed Bartlet January 19, 2017 / 12:06 am

      “It makes me think, but it’s all grand fun.”

      Yup. And sometimes you don’t need a show to do any more than that, really.

  2. CJ Cregg February 10, 2018 / 9:09 pm

    I’ve been catching up with the Timeless eps I missed over the past few days and OMG what a delight this one was. I absolutely loved it. I watched it on a train and was actually laughing out loud at how excited Wyatt in particular got over “James Bond” throughout and the “fangirling” stuff at the end. HEE. Fleming was great too – it took me a while but then I realised it was Sean Maguire who I remember as tiny wee Tegs in Grange Hill thirty years ago. (THIRTY years ago! I am OLD. ) Anyway, his Fleming was charming, the team was great, Wyatt was definitely jealous (squee!) and I just loved the whole thing. Still grinning now, thinking about it 😃

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