Blindspot s2 ep 7


“Seriously, the chemistry in this team is all off. I blame the Iron Lady here.”

YES, Rich Dotcom, back “like a BAWSE” to hack the FBI systems, drink Kurt’s Pennsylvanian beer, and nail the problem with the team this season on sight. Oh, and to address the minor issue of a super-assassin trying to murder him, but let’s keep that on the down low since he has “a professional reputation to maintain, (and) can’t be seen going to the Feds for help.”

Because Ennis Esmer’s Rich is an irrepressible joy, so is this episode, with even the team’s best efforts to maintain their misery-guts status barely making a dent in the fun. As a metaphor, Jane’s creepy dream at the beginning is about as subtle as a roundhouse kick to the face, sure, but it also serves as a useful martial arts teaching aid – Evil Jane has some moves, y’all. Zapata stealing the murder weapon is about as surprising as Zapata not dying of the mystery poison, but at least Reade pointed out – as I said last week – that she’s stomping all over what should have been his storyline, Toots. And Kurt allowing Kalinda, a spy whom he knows bugged his entire team and listened to their most private thoughts, to manipulate him again, by the simple expedient of her taking every feeling of guilt and loneliness he’s ever had – and y’know, shared with his therapist, ON TAPE – and pretending that’s how she feels too is infuriating, but there’ll be time enough to deal with that when he finally works out she’s deliberately setting Jane up. I mean, she is, isn’t she?

A question for another day, I suppose. Or for a less hilarious episode. Meantime, Rich Dotcom may or may not have hit on Mrs Kim Jong-Un! There’s a “bogeyman” in the building doing acrobatics along the ceiling! There’s a bomb made out of a water cooler! And a tribute to Speed! I love Speed. I love the complete ridiculousness of Boston Arliss Crabb’s fake death. (It involved a chandelier falling on his head and him lying on a beach. A chandelier. AND a beach. And out of this crack team of investigative agents, only Patterson realised it wasn’t true?) I love the idea of making this “a weekly thing” with Rich Dotcom wearing “a hat of some kind.” I love Rich Dotcom. I love this episode.


2 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 7

  1. Jed Bartlet January 5, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Much as I like Blindspot normally, the Rich Dotcom episodes are the BEST. (Ennis Esmer, of course, also appears in Private Eyes. He might be Unpopcult’s new Željko Ivanec. Ennis, too, is the BEST.)

    Anyway, I loved this episode from start (“You have until I’m done binge-watching Stranger Things… and I’m already on episode 7”) to finish. Rich’s riff, which you’ve quoted, on how they might all work together in the future was great. I would TOTALLY watch that. Toots. I assumed that the super-assassin story was just a fake-out to get Rich inside the FBI, mind you.

    Back with the serious stuff, wtf is Zapata playing at? Wtf is Kurt playing at – yes, mummies and daddies with Kalinda, but why? I mean, she’s playing him… isn’t she?

  2. Kay20 February 17, 2017 / 5:46 am

    Best episode of the season. This is what I loved about season one – the thrill. And this is what has been missing in everyone’s misery goggles. I wish Rich.Com was permanent.

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