Public Service Announcement 37 of 2016: Hawaii Five-0, Modern Family

Our penultimate PSA of 2016 contains some returning old favourites. First up is the seventh season of Hawaii Five-0, which has done a very good job of managing Scott Caan’s reduced commitment to the show by becoming more of an ensemble piece, with Chi McBride in particular stepping up. At the end of season 6 we left Steve and Danny in hospital, following the insertion of Danny’s organ into Steve. And, yes, that’s exactly what happened, dress it up as you might. Weekly reviews as normal (Sunday 1 January, 9pm, Sky 1).

Modern Family is back tonight for its eighth season. The ensemble cast remains strong, even if the writing occasionally betrays a lack of inspiration, but if season 7 is anything to go by it’s Ty Burrell’s show these days (8.30pm, Sky 1).

And a few other bits and pieces: season 8 of NCIS: Los Angeles (Sunday 1 January, 10pm, Sky 1); Dawn French, Iain Glen, Sheila Hancock, and Emilia Fox star in infidelity drama Delicious (tonight, 9pm, Sky 1); and Jonathan Creek was on a couple of nights ago and, although it’s had one or two sniffy reviews, it wasn’t bad at all (BBC iPlayer).


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