Blindspot s2 ep 6


It’s change your partner, skip to Bulgaria week on Blindspot, as the writers continue to keep Kurt busy with alternative lady friends while Jane gets stuck with her sociopath – albeit now somewhat self-conscious about it – brother, and Patterson stays home to mix up her boyfriends. Uh-oh.

Turns out Bulgaria is quite the hotspot for reasonably high-ranking security agency employees, as the Assistant Director of the ClA points out to the Assistant Director of the FBI and “whatever fake title you have at the NSA” when they catch him tailing them, which makes me wonder what all the lesser-paid secret agents are doing with their time. Do they all really stay at home a la Reade and Zapata, while their bosses go out and get their hands dirty? If so, the intelligence agencies in Blindspot defy every rule of every hierarchical organisation ever, but then Blindspot already defies every rule of logic ever, so I suppose this should come as no surprise.

Anyway, Kalinda and Kurt are in Sofia posing as married tourists, Kalinda having insisted that Kurt’s previous fake-wife – the one who can actually speak Bulgarian, let’s not forget – heads off to steal a McGuffin with Roman instead. Jane is NOT happy about it, but three’s a crowd, as Kalinda correctly identifies but keeps to herself since chat about beating Sandstorm is more likely to get Ms Doe out of the way than “I want to see what’s under Weller’s bullet-proof vest, girlfriend, make yourself scarce, would you?”

The purported reason for the trip, meanwhile – some dude called Douglas Winter who has suddenly become super-important to the plot – turns out to be a very low-rent, Rich Dotcom-lite type in that he’s on joke duty while Kurt and Kalinda growl at him and stuff him in holdalls and such. Also, he has fun glasses. WANT.

Once D-dubs has been bundled into the “safe house,” poor Kurt has time for a wobble and because a) nobody on the team can resist a wobbly Weller or b) Kalinda has been working him like a pro from the start, she seizes the opportunity to provide the kind of comfort that requires everyone to take their clothes off. We’re spared any potential post-coital awkwardness/ tenderness, however, by some folk storming in with guns because, on tv, a “safe” house is never anything of the sort. Happily, as well as the obligatory bullet-fest, this also gives Kurt the chance to lightly rough up the man who tortured Jane, because Kalinda, Allie or whoever notwithstanding, the Jeller flame’s still burning in there somewhere. Yay!

While Kalinda gets Kurt on side, then, Jane is busy turning Roman in ways which are suspicously similar, if all fully-clothed: stick together on an intense, two-man mission, stop him from killing someone with his bare hands/ a letter-opener, get him all teary-eyed so you can cuddle the pain out of him…. Because this is CBS not GOT (and also because EWWWWW), Jane and Roman/Ian’s relationship remains entirely chaste, but the parallels with how Kalinda is working Kurt are so obvious they have to be intentional. As is the similarity between Kalinda’s “mission at all costs, even if you have to drop a few bodies along the way” attitude and Shepherd’s. Is Kalinda the Sandstorm mole after all?

Patterson finding the bug may suggest that – and really kill the Kurt/Kalinda mood – but since Borden spends the whole episode hanging about essentially going “Hey! I’m the mole!” it may be that Kalinda’s just another high-ranking security agency-type out for herself, like Carter and new dude NotCarter. Or maybe we have two moles, who knows? Either way, it’s a frenetic, thrilling episode filled with so many genuinely jaw-dropping moments I had to check to see if it was the mid-season finale (it isn’t). Or at least half of it is frenetic and thrilling, that part being greatly helped along by the complete exclusion of Reade and Zapata from it; they’re too busy playing Obstructing Justice With Friends to get involved in saving the country from total annihilation or any of that carry-on.

Bizarrely, the sub-plot which was about Reade’s childhood trauma has now turned into Zapata’s adult crusade, as, having bundled him out of the spotlight as quickly as she bundled him out of Coach Jones’s house, Tasha is now contaminating crime scenes, stealing incriminating evidence, leaning on witnesses and – bizarrely – stripping off so she and Edgar can argue in their underwear. This doesn’t lead to anything, er, Nurt-like – Reade is too busy maintaining his innocence to get up to anything else – but is a bit of an odd costume choice for that particular scene. Par for the course with Zapata this season, though; since the writers have correctly divined that she’s entirely superfluous to the main plot, they’re desperately throwing her into everyone else’s storylines in the hope that one will stick. She’s Coded with Patterson! She’s been Jealous of Jane! And now she’s Running Point for Reade! Whatevs. I have no doubt Reade (a character I quite like, unlike his sulky partner) will turn out to be innocent, which means this sub-plot will turn out to be a giant waste of time, but if it means the rest of the ep is as good as this one, carry on.


3 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 6

  1. Jed Bartlet December 29, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Well, this was my favourite episode of the season so far by a MILE.

    Nurt. WHOA. (Although, as was always the case with Kalinda, I’m feeling calculation rather than passion from Archie Panjabi.)

    Borden. WHOA. “I’m just going to hang about here and listen to your top secret confidential thing, Patty, if that’s OK with you? It isn’t? All right then, see you in five.” He’s so obviously the mole that I’m now thinking he can’t be…?

    “David”. WHOA.

    “Oh yeah, I’m totally Jane Doe’s torturer”. WHOA.

    The listening device. WHOA.

    Still not sure about the Reade/Zap arc, nor why she needed to get down to her undergarments in front of her partner. Except (a) to demonstrate that they’re like good mates rather than potential lovers; and (b) for the benefit of viewers like me. I’ve seen worse filler, though, and this episode was generally amazing so I’m in a forgiving mood.

  2. CJ Cregg December 30, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Dude, maybe I’m just particularly self-conscious, but if one of my good mates and I suddenly had to strip off our work clothes and stand around in our underwear in a non-romantic situation, I’m pretty sure we’d both be mortified by the whole business – at the very least there would a bit of awkwardness. Zapata and Reade seemingly not even noticing never mind bothering didn’t ring true to me but maybe they regularly go swimming together or Quantico training knocks any self-consciousness out of you.

    Re Nurt: I’m not convinced you weren’t meant to get calculation from Archie Panjabi. You know I think Kalinda has been playing Kurt from the start.

  3. Kay20 February 1, 2017 / 6:49 am

    I was in a different place this episode. I didn’t like it because I like when the characters operate as a team. Suddenly everyone was in duos in their own episode: Jane and Roman, Kurt and Nas, Zapata and Reade and Patterson and Borden. Say what now? Why is everyone paired off in separate TV shows? The plotlines feel like they are running in weirdo directions with no cohesion. I know that’s sometimes the point, but this felt disjointed to me.

    So this was my least liked episode of the season so far. And I have such a disliking of Reade’s storyline it’s killing his scenes which is unfortunate because I also like him as one of the straight shooters.

    I also like how Kurt has had multiple romantic partners while everyone else can barely get a date (minus the wonderful Patterson). He nearly gets himself killed last episode, and this episode gets nookie.

    I know Roman is a sociopath, but I’m kinda liking where they are going with him and how he’s learning from his sister to be a better person. Sibling relationships are few and far on TV, so I like seeing one here. I liked this plotline the best out of the rest.

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