Designated Survivor s1 ep 10

With Jack Bauer now in the White House, the first scene this week removes any doubt that Agent Q is his rightful heir: yes, she might have been rendered unconscious in the car accident we saw at the end of the last episode, but that’s certainly not going to prevent her from fighting off a mystery assailant. And nor is the unpleasant bleeding laceration in her side, which obliges her to drop in on a startled Chuck, then pass out on his bed. Fortunately Chuck’s got some medical game; or, at least, access to YouTube. “Did you glue my wound?” she demands on coming round, which in some circumstances I might be prepared to regard as the first sighting of a ship on the horizon, but not this time. (I could get behind #Channah, writers. I really could. Just saying.)

Unfortunately, the file which Agent Q was transporting at the time of the crash has been stolen. And, as she’s not leaving Chuck’s apartment for now, correctly inferring that she’s in danger, this all leaves Kimble Hookstraten twisting in the wind: she can’t delay MacLeish’s confirmation hearing for ever, so it has to go ahead. Interestingly, POTUS clearly thinks that there’s something rum about Q’s disappearance at the very moment when she was about to produce evidence of impropriety. But without that evidence there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so MacLeish is approved, and plans go ahead for him to be sworn in.

Chuck and Q set to work trying to find out who her source is. Meantime, in the West Wing, Emily, Aaron, and Seth are shooting the breeze after a hard day, right up to the point where Seth realises that he’s very much the third wheel. So he gets the hell out of the way, and Emily and Aaron totally make out! #Aamily4EVA! Except… well. POTUS has asked Emily to investigate how the plans for how one might blow up the Capitol, were one so inclined, were leaked from the White House. So who was it? To start with it looks as if it came from the then Chief of Staff, Charles Langdon, but instead it came from his deputy. One Aaron Shore. Except… well. If it’s obviously him, it obviously isn’t him. I think. It’s a hell of a speed bump for #Aamily, though, one way or another.

Oh yeah. Q’s source. There’s the usual step-by-step for tracing someone in a procedural: the burner phone, the CCTV, the zoom-in-on-the-car, the running of the plates, everything apart from facial recognition. And sure enough the source is run to ground, and it’s REDACTED, which is surprising but not actually shocking, probably because s/he isn’t someone we’ve really had a chance to become invested in. Not until now, anyway. But Q works out that someone’s about to take a shot at POTUS during MacLeish’s swearing in ceremony, and gets to the ceremony just in time for the show to take a break until March. Which is a long time: I know that’s how the business works these days, but it’s gonna need to be a cracker of a comeback or Designated Survivor’s audience might just melt away in the interim. I’ll be there, though; this was another very good episode, and there’s a lot to like about this show.


3 thoughts on “Designated Survivor s1 ep 10

  1. CJ Cregg December 18, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    I did say in week 1 that I didn’t think they cast Ari from Nikita for a 2 minute scene….. And lo, he was reunited with the Q! No way Aaron is knowingly involved, though. Maybe Ari phoned him from Geneva and told him to make the call without telling him why or someone else might be framing him but I insist that AARON IS INNOCENT. #FREEAARON #JUSTICEFORTHEWESTWINGONE

    Just after Aamily were finally getting it together and I was getting my SQUEE on, too. Sigh. Come on, Emily, have a little faith!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this ep, and could totally get behind #Channah too, but at this point dude is so far and so deep into the friendzone he’d need a special passport and probably a space ship to get across the border of no chance and back into romantic potential land. He’s Hannah’s Man Chloe as you said, Jed, but just as Jack’s affection for Chloe was entirely chaste, so is Hannah’s for Chuck. Even if he’s quite plainly nuts about her. Poor Chuck 😕 This is not a show that’s kind to the ships, is it?

    I know this is tv, but really – could Nikita or Chuck not have phoned ahead to the police or FBI or ANYBODY and told someone hey, there’s gonna be a shooter in this room aiming right at the Pres, might want to go check it out? I know she was scared they’d be in on it, but TRY SOMEBODY FFS. Try CNN! Try the NYT! Get it trending on Twitter or something public so it has to be checked out!

    Making us wait till March for new eps is practically suicidal in terms of the ratings. Like you, I’ll be back, but plenty of people won’t, which is a shame – this is a really fun show and I’d hate to see it limp to the finish with nobody caring.

  2. Kay20 March 3, 2017 / 6:49 am


    • Jed Bartlet March 4, 2017 / 7:49 am

      #Channah FTW!

      I’m a little worried about how long it’s been since I saw one of these, tbh. The previouslies at the start of episode 11 are going to have to be excellent.

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