The Blacklist s4 ep 5

We’re still all about Alexander Kirk this week. Which is a bit of a shame, because I think there are better things to care about in The Blacklist. Anyway, this week’s Blacklister(s) is (are) The Lindquist Concern, an organisation which panders to the beliefs of tinfoil hatters everywhere by suppressing inventions which might harm the interests of Big Business. And, specifically, by killing the inventors of these inventions, and anyone else who might know about them. Red offers The Lindquist Concern to Liz and the Task Force (see previous observations about her seamless yet unexplained reintegration into the FBI) partly to help find Kirk and Agnes; and partly, of course, because it furthers his own interests.

While the Task Force is thus engaged, Red is pursuing Kirk through other channels: Kirk’s haematologist, abducted last week, has now been tortured to the point where he’s willing to give up Kirk’s whereabouts the next time he’s required to give him a transfusion or whatever the hell it is he does. And while Red is doing that, Tom – with Ressler’s help – is blackmailing an attache at the Russian Embassy in order to gain access to Kirk’s SVR file.

It’s solid if uninspired stuff, enlivened by Liz’s very apparent conflict of loyalties. If Kirk is indeed her father – and another piece of evidence will emerge which supports that proposition – is he really a worse bet than Red, given the complete and unfettered mayhem which was unleashed in her life when Red and his hat collection came sauntering into it? Can she believe Red? Might she, in fact, be better off throwing her lot in with Kirk? As I said, I’m not sure how much I care about these issues, but without that I’m not sure this episode would have been any more than workmanlike. And Elise, Aram’s new squeeze, is now implicitly – but nonetheless very clearly – identified as a wrong ‘un. I expect Samar to be eager to point this out to Aram before too long.


One thought on “The Blacklist s4 ep 5

  1. CJ Cregg December 15, 2016 / 7:13 pm

    Is this Kirk storyline ever going to finish? #BORED

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