The Blacklist s4 ep 3

Everyone’s trying to find Alexander Kirk and Agnes, but they don’t want to be found. Well, he doesn’t; we don’t yet know how she feels about it. Red has a lead, of which more in a moment, but it’s not one he’s inclined to share with Cooper, the remains of the Task Force, or the Keens. Meantime, Liz appears to have moved back into the FBI without anyone noticing or caring. Shouldn’t someone be asking to see her pass, or something?

Anyway, Red’s lead is this week’s Blacklister, Miles McGrath (Tate Ellington, Simon out of Quantico), a “venture capitalist for criminals”, providing money and strategy to promising evil startups. McGrath’s MO makes him a plausible Blacklister, at least, although his backstory – founder of a high-profile tech company, elbowed out because of sociopathy, awarded zillions in damages – suggests that he’s hardly an under-the-radar one. McGrath and Kirk have partnered up for an as yet unspecified job; Red gets Tom in undercover as part of the team.

And, as jobs go, it’s quite a good one: Tom and the rest of McGrath’s team board a train which isn’t officially running, and which then disappears on a stretch of line with nowhere else to go. (Apart from the REDACTED leading to the huge REDACTED.) After Liz – who, I say again, has no business being anywhere near the FBI – makes a couple of phone calls, the train is confirmed to be carrying some of the CDC’s stockpile of the world’s most deadly and virulent diseases. (Obviously those ones. Not, like, chicken-pox and tooth decay.) What Kirk wants with one of the world’s most deadly etc. will be revealed by Red in due course, after Kirk evades capture again.

There’s plenty of action, and one or two grace notes: Samar claims that she can no longer work with the Task Force and requests a transfer, but only after floating the idea of coffee with Aram. However, he turns her down because, after several years of hopelessly pining after Samar, he’s managed to land a hottie who disrobes as soon as she comes through the front door. Dude, if you were here we’d fist-bump. And Mr. Kaplan is just about alive after taking a bullet to the head, suggesting that master criminal Red isn’t quite as good as shot as he thinks. Unless he planned this, of course, and if we’re bringing characters back to life on a regular basis we can’t rule anything out, which is kind of a problem. But it’s one for another day. Very, very much better than last week. I enjoyed this.


One thought on “The Blacklist s4 ep 3

  1. CJ Cregg November 27, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    I had the same thought about Liz and the FBI. First of all, was she not already fired from the FBI because of the whole murdered-the-Attorney-General-in-cold-blood-and-went-on-the-run-thing? I thought they made clear that although they were she had been framed as a Russian spy, she could only be a Red-type consultant now, at best. And second of all, she FAKED HER DEATH, DECEIVED AN ENTIRE FEDERAL AGENCY, AND WENT ON THE RUN AGAIN. I feel sure that that little scheme violated any number of state and federal laws. Should she not be in, uh, JAIL?

    As far as the ep is concerned, it was better than last week’s but the Mr Kaplan thing was really annoying, Samar was also annoying and I still can’t bring myself to care much about what is going on, although the train disappearance thing was quite cool, briefly.

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