Public Service Announcement 33 of 2016: Black-ish, Blindspot, The Grand Tour, Pure Genius, Shooter

A mixed bag of things coming up over the next couple of days.

If the past week somehow hasn’t already filled your cup to overflowing with despair at what people are capable of, you can catch US gun-promo-masquerading-as-a-drama series Shooter (adapted from the terrible film of the same name) on Netflix from today (Wednesday) or Jeremy Clarkson’s post-Top Gear/ post-assault-in-the-workplace project The Grand Tour on Amazon Video UK from Friday. Alternatively, if you’d rather a show about a multi-millionaire that you can roll your eyes at without worrying that it will bring about the apocalypse, you could try critically-reviled new US medical drama Pure Genius, starting tonight on Universal at 9pm, and probably finishing sooner rather than later, since it’s about to be cancelled.

If you think laughter might be the best medicine, meanwhile, there’s season 2 of Black-ish on E4 on Friday at 7.30pm, but if, like me, you’re in the market for a reliably bonkers, riotously enjoyable combination of thrills, spills and action/ conspiracy/ romance nonsense, season 2 of Unpopcult’s beloved Blindspot (the only one of these shows I’ve actually seen, in fairness) starts tomorrow (Thursday) at 9pm on Sky Living and thank God for that. Ratings for season 2 haven’t been that impressive, and there’s always the risk that the show might make the Blacklist-like mistake of getting itself so focussed on Jane Doe’s parentage/ origin story that it forgets to be FUN, but s1 was such a great ride that s2 is more than welcome at Unpopcult HQ anyway. Check back with us for weekly reviews as soon as we can manage them.


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