Private Eyes s1 ep 8

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a leading man in possession of good looks and charm, must have unfinished business with his ex, so, as soon as we met Matt Shade and his daughter, we knew there would be an ex-wife in the picture, and at some point she’d come along and make things complicated. Or, actually, maybe make things simple: Matt and his ex-wife would re-kindle their relationship for a bit, Angie’d get jealous and double down on the Nolan situation, and I’d get to do some ardent, highly enjoyable shipping till the pair of them stopped messing about with placeholders and got to grips with each other instead. HURRAH!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This week we’re just at the re-kindle and double-down stages as Becca Shade, meteorologist, weather girl and woman on a mission, hurtles back into town a month early to move back in with Matt (Jules, who gets away far too easily with what is a manipulative and pretty cruel little move, having organised it without ever telling the dad whose life she’s about to up-end about it) and realise what she’s missing.

Angie is visibly, if not vocally, rattled by the prospect of another woman eating into her Shade time, but pretends not to care by asking him all about how he landed Becca in the first place, and then looking like she wants him in her stocking for Christmas. Time enough for that later (PLEASE GOD) but there’s a case to be solved first – an oddly unlikeable client asks our heroes to find out who’s investigating his oddly unlikeable wife, a woman who turns out, somewhat ironically, to be successfully juggling two successful romantic relationships when Shade and Angie can’t quite manage the one.

The whodunnit is as inconsequential as ever, and the way the team and the show eventually give Karen a pass for being a liar, a cheater and a criminal is a little bit jarring, but this is Private Eyes and it’s so utterly irresistible that none of that matters a jot. I watched this adorable episode on Tuesday night when I was terrified the worst was going to happen, and the show’s sweet, soothing combination of warmth, geniality and Jason Priestley’s charm still managed to bring me right back down off the ceiling; within minutes, I was smiling away. Of course, the worst happened anyway because this is a tv show not a miracle, but when the entire world feels like it’s determined to plunge into darkness, every little bit of brightness is even more welcome and Private Eyes is exactly that.


2 thoughts on “Private Eyes s1 ep 8

  1. Jed Bartlet November 14, 2016 / 5:21 pm


    I agree with you about the unlikability of the client and his wife, although I wondered if a sort of nature/nurture point was being made: they were in a pressurised and demanding environment, whereas when she went off to see the more laid-back husband number 2 she seemed to be nicer. But you’re right; it doesn’t matter.

    As for Shade’s ex-wife and Angie’s reaction: I’m assuming that she’s going to find out that they’ve hooked up, and will be all “she hurt you before, what makes you think she won’t do it again”, making it look as if she’s concerned about Shade when, in fact, she’s totally thinking about herself as well! Because they’re MFEO! And because I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    • CJ Cregg November 15, 2016 / 10:25 pm

      I LOVE THIS SHOW TOO. I’m really going to miss it when the season ends. At least s2 has 18 eps – hurrah!

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