Public Service Announcement 30 of 2016: The Young Pope

Without having seen any of it, it’s difficult to know what to make of HBO’s new show The Young Pope. My first impression was that a show in which Jude Law plays cigarette-smoking, Cherry Coke Zero-swigging, Cardinal Lenny Belardo, who becomes the first American to be crowned as Pope, sounds like delightfully trashy fun. Apparently, though, it very much isn’t; in fact, it might not be anything like trashy enough. Created, written, and directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino, The Young Pope is, it would seem, an idiosyncratic and visually-stunning drama, showing the new Pope Pius XIII – a theological conservative, Coke and gaspers notwithstanding – grappling with Vatican politics. I would have been more likely to watch, I think, were the show not starting with a two-hour double-bill, which might be more Papa Belardo than I have the patience for. But we’ll see (tonight, Sky Atlantic, 9pm).

Also starting: season 2 of Life In Pieces (tomorrow, Amazon Prime); season 2 of Humans (Sunday 30 October, Channel 4, 9pm). And Fox’s poorly-received Rocky Horror revival is available on Sky Cinema from tomorrow.

More soon: November, as ever, is looking busy.


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