Public Service Announcement 29 of 2016: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Black Mirror, Scorpion, Supergirl, Class, HyperNormalisation

A few more bits and pieces. Replicating what it’s doing with Designated Survivor, Netflix will also be making new episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, about to start its second season, available to UK viewers on Sundays, and therefore within a day or two of US transmission. Keep it up, Netflix. Unpopcult heartily endorses this event or product. Netflix also has – on the off-chance you’ve missed this news – the third season of Black Mirror, available today.

And in other news: season 2 of Supergirl (Monday 24 October, Sky 1, 8pm); season 7 of The Walking Dead (Monday 24 November, Fox UK, 9pm); season 3 of Scorpion (Saturday 22 October, ITV2, 8.50pm); season 2 of Chicago Med (Sunday 23 October, Universal, 9pm); the first and – as it turned out – last season of The Player (tonight, Spike, 9pm); Doctor Who spinoff Class (Saturday 22 October, BBC Three, 10am, with broadcast at some point on BBC 1); and the second season of Australian drama The Code, this time with added Anthony LaPaglia (Saturday 22 October, BBC Four, 9pm, stupid double bills).

Finally, idiosyncratic documentary-maker Adam Curtis’s latest dissection of our world, HyperNormalisation, is available on the iPlayer. I haven’t seen it – yet? – and I’m not going to pretend to have watched all of Curtis’s back catalogue. What I would say, though, is that when I do watch his films I always find them provocative and stimulating.


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