Public Service Announcement 28 of 2016: black-ish, The Big Bang Theory

A couple of American comedies at both ends of the TV lifespan start new seasons on British TV this week. It’s our first look at black-ish, the critically acclaimed show about a middle-class African-American family, now on its third season in the US. This should be good news; unfortunately, E4 is showing new episodes every weekday, five a week, which as far as I’m concerned is even worse than BBC Four’s ludicrous Saturday night double-bills. We’re all binge-watchers now, it seems, whether or not we want to be (Monday-Friday, E4, 7.30pm).

Meantime The Big Bang Theory is back for its tenth season, and by now you know what you’re getting with it, and whether you like it or not. I’m still watching, although it’s difficult to argue against the proposition that its best days are behind it (tonight, E4, 8.30pm).

Also starting: Fox’s reasonably well-received adaptation of The Exorcist (tonight, Syfy UK, 9pm); season 12 of Criminal Minds (Mondays, Sky Living, 9pm); and Crazyhead, which is Howard Overman’s latest attempt to recapture the Misfits magic (tonight, E4, 9pm, and internationally on Netflix pretty soon).


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