Hooten & The Lady s1 ep 4

Hooten is in Bolivia pleading for his life – he owes someone money, and there are, let’s be clear, a few guns pointed at him – when he gets a call from Alex asking if he can go to Bhutan with her in order to try to track down a priceless scroll written by Buddha himself. Well, yes he can; that would pay off his debt, although Alfonso – the guy he owes money to – sends his henchman Hidalgo along for the trip, much to Alex’s surprise. Although, of course, at first Hooten doesn’t tell her that Hidalgo’s there to keep an eye on him.

She’ll find out later. Meantime, the first stop in Bhutan – the eighth happiest country in the world, we are told – is an ailing, elderly woman who has a parchment which might reveal the whereabouts of a temple where the Buddha scroll was left. And because she’s seen TV shows before, and she knows how they work, she has some wise words for Hooten: “You lost someone. You still feel the (Secret) Pain.” She gives him the parchment, but to ensure he comes back with the scroll she gives him a poison to which she has the antidote.

And so Alex, Hooten and Hidalgo head into the mountains – rickety bridge, snow-capped peaks, that sort of thing – to find the temple. Hooten, however, is starting to suffer from the symptoms of the poison, eventually going blind; and although we know that Hooten isn’t going to be killed off in a show called Hooten & The Lady it allows us to see a more vulnerable side to him, culminating in feverish mumbles about someone named Ben who he couldn’t save. We do find out who Ben is, and it carries an emotional punch which, in truth, I wasn’t expecting.

Hooten survives, needless to say, and the scroll is recovered. Of course Alex will need to give Hooten the kiss of life, of course she’ll need to loosen his belt, and of course someone will tell her that Hooten is “a dish”, which she pretends not to have noticed, because this is not a shipping show. There’s more, though: an actual on-the-mission death; Alex saying “Hooten, we have a problem”; and even a couple of fleeting glimpses of Alex’s fiancé Edward, who seems to be as clean-cut and aristocratic as Alex herself, although I’m still betting that he’ll turn out to be a wrong ‘un, otherwise she won’t have any reason to turn to Hooten at the end of the season as the only man who she can trust. In short, and somewhat to my surprise, this was comfortably the best episode so far.


4 thoughts on “Hooten & The Lady s1 ep 4

  1. CJ Cregg October 11, 2016 / 8:49 pm

    I’m actually now thinking Edward won’t turn out to be a wrong’un after all. Alex consistently chooses her work over him – her complete lack of interest in the wedding dress, all this chat about how his employers think he made her up because she never spends any time with him, her ditching him to go adventuring/artefact-hunting for what was clearly the trillionth time, judging by his face and their dialogue…. I think he’s probably just a nice enough guy who wants a different kind of life than she does, and they’ll just end up breaking up because she will always love her work and the excitement more than a settled life in London with him. At some point (the season finale?) one of them will realise that it wouldn’t be fair on either of them to go through with the wedding when it’s never going to work between them, and I don’t know if he’ll break it off or she’ll break it off, but I think that’ll be the reason rather than any nefariousness on his part.

    Of course, this still means we’re on for my proposed final scene of the season showing the newly single Alex – maybe in her wedding dress? Throwing off her veil? – dashing off somewhere far with Hooten in a motorbike and sidecar because he understands her and feels the same way she does about a life half lived etc. And CREDITS.

    PS – The “no-shipping” thing is becoming more of a blatant lie by the week.

    • Jed Bartlet October 12, 2016 / 9:36 am

      You might be right about Edward. What I have in mind is a final episode set just before the wedding, in which Hooten and Alex are trying to recover a McGuffin while battling a criminal gang chasing the same thing, in the course of which Hooten will be shot. It’ll turn out that Edward was behind a plan to sell the McGuffin on the international black market. He’ll be all, I was doing this for us, for our future; she’ll be all, but Hooten could have died!; he’ll be all, Hooten! All you ever talk about is Hooten! Well, you need to choose. Hooten or me?


      Cut to Hooten’s hospital room: he looks at the door as someone walks in.


      • CJ Cregg October 13, 2016 / 7:23 pm

        I have no idea why you and I aren’t actually writing this tv show. We know *exactly* what’s what.

        • Jed Bartlet October 13, 2016 / 7:24 pm

          We’d need to get time off from the Blindspot writers’ room though.

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