Containment eps 11 & 12

Sob. The less said about episode 11, the better.

Not because it was bad; far from it, actually, I thought it was excellent. Unfortunately, it was also utterly devastating.

Apart from the ineffectual Lex, the characters I’m not overly bothered about had a fairly successful week: the Evil-with-a-capital-E Lommers “slithered right out of it, like the snake she is;” the increasingly saintly Jana (the Cordon has been the making of her) went shopping, helped reunite Bert and “Michi” and found a potential escape route; and Dr Cannerts put on his big boy white coat and finally told the truth.

All of which was too little, too late for the characters I do care about, though: the “movie under the stars” was beautiful, the “goodbye” to Quentin was heartbreaking, and Katie dying in Jake’s arms destroyed both of us. Sniffle. RIP Katie. Jake loved you, and so did we.

Which made episode 12 a bit of a bummer, as well.

I put off watching it for a couple of days, to be honest, wondering what would be the point of putting myself through it when true love died with Katie and all we had to look forward to were Jake’s tears, but we’ve come this far, I decided. And I was rewarded with Jake tearfully and tenderly cleaning the blood off Katie’s face before cremating her body, that weird gangster/philosopher with the maternity obsession talking him out of drinking himself into oblivion, and a couple of sweet, sad scenes with Deputy Quentin, before Ghost Katie showed up in the Shower of Memories and made Officer Reilly put his hero hat back on. Sigh.

Which means that, going into next week’s series finale, Jake, Trey and the gang members are on Cannerts protection detail, although Cannerts’ ass may well be grass if he doesn’t come up with a treatment soon. Jana and co (minus Sam for reasons that make no sense) and Q are headed out of the cordon on the Meese Express, the $5000-a-head issue proving to be no problem after all, since black market rates for jewellery are exceptionally, ironically healthy in the mid-Atlanta area, and everyone they know/ used to know (see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya, Dennis) had fortunately put some super-expensive bauble aside for a rainy day. Lex has finally tracked down the previous Patient Zero (Patient -1?). And the immaculately-coiffed Lommers, having stolen a page out of the 24 villain playbook, has given us one of those “I had to commit mass murder to save America. USA! USA!” explanations which makes no sense but forms the bedrock of a surprising amount of super-villainy. Okay….. One more ep to go, then – if Quentin can be brave, so can I.


2 thoughts on “Containment eps 11 & 12

  1. Jed Bartlet October 3, 2016 / 12:58 pm

    Yikes. Unfortunately I was spoiled for what happened to Katie, although I definitely didn’t anticipate how gruelling and unpleasant her death would be. I’m sure we haven’t been put through all of that for the other victims.

    I also wasn’t quite sure I followed the explanation for the creation of the virus, but as you say it probably doesn’t matter. I have, however, managed to remain unspoiled for the finale, so I don’t know whether the writers had enough notice of cancellation to wrap things up, or whether we’re going to end on a cliffhanger. Which is kind of a cliffhanger in itself.

    • CJ Cregg October 5, 2016 / 10:30 pm

      “Gruelling and unpleasant” about sums it up, Jed. It was very well done, but very hard to watch – I was spoiled too, but it didn’t make it any less harrowing.

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