Containment ep 9


It’s Riot Week on Containment, as, thanks to last week’s Cordon Hokey-Cokey – you take your miracle cure Thomas out, you put your not-so-miracle cure Thomas back in – the people stuck inside the cordon without the prospect of any CDC sponsored day-trips decide they want a bit of that DIY escape action too, and start storming the wall o’shipping containers.

This does nothing to calm the useless Dr Lommers, stuck in the sluice with a quizzical Lex and already in full-on freak-out mode, because sentencing thousands of people to a desperate death-by-quarantine seems to be easy enough but not so much when it’s you and your Louboutins in the danger zone.

Because this is tv, Lex switches between interrogating her (not that well, it has to be said) and bonding with her, allowing himself to be easily distracted from the fact that she seems a lot more scared of the minimal, no fluid/ no skin contact he had with Thomas than you’d expect, but there we go. Lex is an idiot and if Lommers announcing of her old boss “It was his compassion that killed him” isn’t both a red flag in terms of her personality and a neon sign for how one or two other storylines are going to pan out, somebody’s breaking tv law in spectacular style.

Also because this is tv, instead of staying put and waiting for the best, several of the other cast members have to get themselves caught up in the riot, too, except Dr Cannerts who’s hiding “quarantined” in his office; Leo who is busy confusing the pizza boy and calling in his NSA ex(?) to investigate the Cannerts/Burns/Patient Zero conundrum; and the Create-A-Crisis computer-office-building-thingy team, now down to three and reduced to dealing with the increasingly annoying and stupid Suze’s relationship issues. “This Dennis thing, this is small-time,” says Jana, entirely correctly. “I think I’m pregnant,” replies Suze. “Oh naff off,” groans at least one viewer, “we don’t need any more tiresome angst from you, we already have the apocalypse to contend with.”

Back to said apocalypse/riot, then, which is a bit stagey, but nonetheless well-realised and bloody scary, especially when the National Guard drop in to bring the story right up to ep 1’s original cold open and start shooting folk. Poor, cheery Bert, taking a surprisingly large – she’s cut her leg, what are we talking here? – box of medicines to Mrs Bert, is struck down by a rioter mid-street, and left with a leg injury of his own to worry about. Teresa and Xander, on their way to Chez Bert themselves, get distracted by NotTeresa’sMum, which means Teresa gets knocked down mid-street as well, and Xander may or not get exposed to the virus. (Btw, I’ve been wondering about this for weeks, but is there not a strong possibility Teresa rather than Thomas might be the key to fighting the virus? I mean, her friend, who subsequently died a horrible virus-y death, hugged her and LICKED her face without passing it on. Could the pregnancy hormones have something to do with T’s resistance?)

But it’s my beloved Katie and Jake who end up in the most unhappy position. Having reached peak sweetness with a simultaneously cringeworthy and adorable singing lunch date, and with both Bert and Quentin shipping them hard, it’s obviously time for things to veer from deliriously happy to deeply horrible, so they entrust the kids to some random called Ray – seriously, are we supposed to know who that is? – and lo! Ray kidnaps a couple of them, Jake tracks one down, the other dies in Katie’s arms, and Oh, God, No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


2 thoughts on “Containment ep 9

  1. Jed Bartlet September 14, 2016 / 9:11 am


    I mean, really. In the middle of an outbreak of a deadly fluid-borne virus, what do you do when you see someone covered in blood? Grab them, obviously, then make sure you injure yourself for good measure just to seal the deal. But who’s thinking about us? Are we to be denied #Jatie?

    This continues to be much better than we were promised. But I’ve gone off Suze.

    • CJ Cregg September 14, 2016 / 6:04 pm

      “You know what happens to heroes, Jake….”

      Sob. The shower of hotness now becomes the shower of pain and grief 😥 I think you’re being a bit harsh on poor Katie though, Jed – I know it was a moronic thing to do but it was completely instinctive.

      I wish someone else had done it instead though. At this point I’m really rooting for the virus to catch up with Suze.

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