The Catch s1 ep 10

We start with Alice in a towel – OK, writers, if you insist – and Rhys pointing a gun at her. This leads into a dazzling sequence: Rhys, smiling all the while, politely abducts Alice, who is equally pleasant about the whole thing, right up to the point where she turns the tables. And Rhys’s reaction shot when Alice pointed a gun at his lower half, and made a very specific threat, was worth watching the episode for in itself. I really hope that Mireille Enos and John Simm were enjoying themselves as much as they appeared to be: this was an absolute delight.

With that out of the way, we’re all set for the season’s last big showpiece, as everyone gathers for the society wedding and Sybil’s big con. Just about everyone in the cast gets to go undercover, from Rhys and Ben as wedding planners (and a couple) through to Sophie-the-singer providing the entertainment, while an enraptured Danny-the-waiter looks on. I never quite bought them as a couple – I kind of felt that she could do a little better? – but their post-song and pre-kiss dialogue had an appealingly caperish/noirish tinge, in keeping with the general feel of the show.

I was a little surprised, mind you, that the world’s greatest conman apparently managed to forget that he was supposed to be (a) undercover and (b) gay, and started nuzzling his girlfriend in full view of everyone else at the wedding. I was about to say that it stretched credulity, but that might imply that everything else in The Catch didn’t.

But I don’t regard that as a criticism: as an entertainment I thought the whole of this first season succeeded handsomely, in large measure precisely because it didn’t take itself too seriously. Frivolous but well-made entertainment for adults is always welcome as far as I’m concerned. In fact, given the generally lukewarm critical reception the show has had I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. And assuming that the lightness of touch is maintained for season 2 – by no means a guarantee in Shondaland, it should be said – I’ll happily continue to watch.


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