Public Service Announcement 24 of 2016: Poldark

When your new show’s been a big hit, working out how best to ride that wave with the follow-up can be something of a tricky business.

You don’t want to rush it and bang out a second season so anxious to capitalise quickly on the success of the first that it loses the charm which made it successful in the first place. But you also don’t want to wait so long that nobody remembers or cares about your characters any more.

Given just how big a hit Poldark was last spring, then, the BBC have displayed a considerable degree of restraint making us wait some 16 months for a second season, but since there are millions of folk (including me) out there who still can’t get enough of Aidan Turner as Ross, and since we’re getting ten episodes instead of eight as a reward for our patience, I think they’ve probably hit the sweet spot in terms of coming back at just the right time.

Meantime, of course, the charming Turner has helped keep the Poldark flame burning by breaking truckloads more hearts in the Beeb’s superb adaptation of And Then There Were None over Christmas. And now that summer’s over and we’re heading into autumn, closing the curtains and settling down on the couch in front of a lush, cheesy, brooding period romance every Sunday night seems like an even better idea than it did in March. So hurrah! Poldark’s back, you guys! Sunday night (4 September), 9pm, BBC 1. I’ll be watching and swooning and (as soon as I can) reviewing…. Join me?


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 24 of 2016: Poldark

  1. Snoskred September 3, 2016 / 8:48 am

    I have only just begun watching this while on the treadmill once a day, up to episode 4.

    I love this show. I accidentally got spoiled on what happens for the rest of season one, but never mind, 4 more days and I will be at the end.

    99% of the time, I am not even aware I am on the treadmill when this show is on. That makes it so fantastic!

    Plus, naked Aidan Turner *and* naked Rami Malek in the space of a week? Not sure I have been doing enough cardio to survive such, but somehow I managed.. 🙂

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