The Catch s1 ep 9

So Ben has chosen a side: Alice, obvs. (He’s giving that impression, at least; the possibility of him pulling the rug away can’t be entirely discounted.) But just in case things are getting too cosy, enter Sybil (played by Lesley Nicol, Mrs Patmore from Downton Abbey), the de facto boss of the Kensington firm and the matriarch of the Bishop family, who combines homely, maternal charm, and the distinct likelihood of ruthless violence as and when required.

Sybil’s first piece of business is getting Leah, last week’s counterfeiter, back from Margot, who is still pretending to be Alice’s therapist. Alice, though, has worked out what is going on, and intends to help Ben and Dao by planting a tracker on Margot. She blows it, though, when she spends an entire therapy session dissing Margot. To her face. (Having Leah, emotionally detached from everything, spot this immediately is a nice touch.) Meantime, in a hugely entertaining storyline, Sybil’s job for Ben and Rhys is to get themselves invited to a wedding, for reasons we don’t yet know but which will presumably be the subject of the finale. Whether it’s entirely necessary to have them pose as a romantically-involved couple is debatable, but it’s great fun, as are their attempts to influence the about-to-be-wed Morgan and Stephanie.

It’s another slick, fast, and engaging episode. Most importantly, though, once again it feels as if the people involved in making it have put in sufficient effort to ensure that it’s all of these things.


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