Containment ep 7

This week on Containment, it’s all about the some-form-of-computer-business office building that Jana, her flaky pal Suzy, those two rubbish guys they know and the maintenance manager are holed up in. Blue hazmat suits all round!

Xander and Teresa (currently at the about-to-burst stage of pregnancy) joining the party is fine, but T’s mother being forced to bring a gangster along as her plus-one is not cool, and things go from awful to Armageddon very quickly when the most disturbingly well-organised gang of murderous meth-heads in the Atlanta area decide to stop doing wheelies in the car park and storm the building instead.

Luckily, Jake turns up – in a moment so incredibly awesome I wanted to hi-five the tv – to help, and between him, the surprisingly badass, resourceful Jana and a DIY blowtorch (WHOA!), the day is just about saved. Too late for REDACTED and REDACTED, of course, but they both sucked so whatevs. Lex’s job and freedom bring sacrificed in the process is a shame, I s’pose…. oh, who’m I kidding? Lex and his sudden attack of Daddy Issues – do we really need an outbreak of Daddy Issues in the midst of a show about an honest-to-goodness apocalyptic plague? – are duller than dry cornflakes for dinner. But never mind him. The rest of the episode is properly exciting, Jana is much less annoying than usual, characters who’ve clearly been watching too many medical dramas suddenly shouting out pregnancy-related diagnoses is hilarious (“What if it’s pre-eclampsia?” “Hey, it’ll be Braxton-Hicks!”) and Jake is my future husband. Well, ok, no he’s not, but he’s lovely and that scene where he tells Jana how he feels about Katie is so utterly, utterly adorable it almost makes up for the absence of Miss Frank herself. Almost. If he could just tell her to her face next week, I’d probably SQUEE myself into space.


2 thoughts on “Containment ep 7

  1. Jed Bartlet August 28, 2016 / 10:10 pm

    I didn’t notice this at the time, but you’re right: that gang of wheelying meth-heads really knows its shizzle when it comes to breaking into impregnable buildings.

    A good episode, but not enough teacher. Which is to say none. Do the writers think I’m watching for the worryingly prophetic take on an out-of-control disease?

    • CJ Cregg August 28, 2016 / 10:23 pm

      Heh. Like I’m watching for the careful exploration of the widening of racial and class tension in a virus-afflicted society on the verge of collapse. As opposed to shipping my brains out. #TEAMJATIE.

      At least I got plenty of Jake this week, mind you 😉

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