Public Service Announcement 21 of 2016: Justified

Unpopcult favourite Justified hasn’t exactly been appreciated by tv networks over here (or indeed the Emmys in the US), which, on the one hand, is ridiculous because it’s an absolutely tremendous drama with some of the best characters and sharpest writing on tv, but, on the other, understandable because it’s resolutely unglamorous, dark and, despite a lot of black, wickedly funny humour, often very downbeat.

For what it’s worth, though, we think it’s terrific and, albeit we’re over a year behind the US and the whole series has been out on both DVD and Sky Box Sets for ages, I’m pleased that somebody in the UK is at last getting round to showing the sixth and final season on broadcast television. Even if it is the little-watched Spike channel on Thursdays (beginning 7th July) at 11pm.

Luddite and devoted Raylan fan that I am, I’ll be watching, but I don’t think I’ll be doing weekly reviews this year; thanks to the combo of scheduling shenanigans and all the other available ways of watching, it seems like the majority of people who might have been interested have (unlike me) already procured it by other means, are a season or two behind or are heading off on their summer holidays, so I think I’d be pretty much talking to myself. If I’m wrong and you’re one of the other five folk who’ll be watching it weekly on Spike though, hit me up!

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