The Catch s1 ep 6

After last week’s excellent episode, I thought this one was a bit of a letdown. Partly, I suspect, this was because the Case of the Week started promisingly but fizzled out a bit. Shawn – who’s now been out a couple of times with Slightly Geeky But Attractive Female Associate – brings a client in: Nia (Samira Wiley, Poussey in OITNB), the first female Army Ranger, who’s getting death threats. There are a number of possibilities as to the identity of the perp, but the conclusion – although it allows for some pertinent points to be made about the role of women in the army – is a bit underwhelming. Unless you’re Smooth Male Associate, of course, who beds Nia.

There’s much more fun to be had in the ongoing saga of Alice and Ben. This week, we’re finally joined by the mysterious Benefactor, who turns out to be Margot’s brother Rhys, played by John Simm. Rhys wants the bracelet from last week, and he also wants Felicity, who has of course been mattress-dancing with Margot. In fact, just about everyone hits the sack this week, in an almost Updike-esque parade of rotating sex partners. SMA and Nia. SGBAFA and Shawn (possibly). Alice and Ben. Dao and Val. Felicity and Rhys. Felicity and Margot. For one horrible moment – and I suspect the writers knew what they were doing here – I even thought Rhys and Margot had taken the theme to its inevitable, if unpleasant, conclusion. But no; not yet, anyway.

In the middle of all this, though, there was a rattling good story about the bracelet being stolen by one of last week’s rival crime syndicates, and Alice and Ben trying to recover it. Alice is working with Dao, while Ben is working with Rhys. Of course, Alicia and Ben are also co-operating, but no-one can be allowed to find that out. So lots of romps, of the bedroom and non-bedroom kind. There’s an ending which would have been more shocking had the show not telegraphed it, but – together with what we’d seen earlier – it confirms Rhys as an extremely loose cannon.


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