Limitless s1 ep 21

Four weeks have elapsed since the events of the previous episode. Brian is out of the FBI, off NZT, living with his parents, and – in what I’m going to interpret as a shoutout to Chuck, one of this show’s spiritual antecedents – working in an electrical goods store which might as well be called the Buy More. He’s managed to persuade the FBI to call Sands’s team of handpicked villains the Legion of Whom, but apart from that he’s out of the picture.

Meantime, there’s a blizzard of illicit NZT on the streets, which means that the FBI is being helped by the DEA, represented by an agent called Brewster. I don’t think it’s remotely a spoiler to say that, from the first moment we see him, Agent Brewster is very obviously a wrong ‘un. But we’ll need to wait for confirmation of that. Brian is desperately trying to offer his help – possibly in return for a little FBI-sanctioned NZT? – but Rebecca keeps pushing him away, which means that Brian has to track down the people behind the NZT epidemic with the help of Grover, a colleague from the store, and some street NZT.

So there are two investigations running in parallel. And when the FBI/DEA task force starts rounding up suspects, all of whom admit to being involved in trafficking NZT, Brian has to contemplate the possibility that, for the first time, NZT hasn’t helped him to the right answer: he and Grover have worked their way through a succession of dealers, ending up with a mysterious – and possibly hallucinated? – Mr Big known as Apocryphon, but that’s not going to impress Rebecca when she has half-a-dozen actual suspects in custody, with evidence and admissions.

Except, of course, Brian isn’t mistaken. I liked ‘Finale: Part 1!’, but in all honesty I didn’t love it: so much of the success of Limitless so far has, for me, rested on the chemistry between Brian and Rebecca, and the plot of this episode depends on them not working together, with Grover not much of a substitute. I felt as if the episode really came to life when Brian gatecrashes an FBI swoop on the plane of Senator Morra, persuades Naz and Rebecca that they’re looking in the wrong direction, and is dragged along with them as they, all too late, realise what Brewster is up to.

2 thoughts on “Limitless s1 ep 21

  1. CJ Cregg July 2, 2016 / 11:23 pm

    Legion of Whom. Heh.

    I had pretty much the same reaction. It was very good, but not my favourite ep. I thought of Chuck and the Buy More too, which made me smile, and there was a lot of fun stuff – the drinking-straw hallway, Dark Blue Tennessee, “that’s a Muppet’s name, Brian!” – but I was mostly irate that the CJC just cut poor Brian loose and left him twisting in the post-NZT wind. He might not be on NZT any more but he was part of the team and he saved their necks plenty of times – they owe him. Plus, I love him and he deserves better.

    The last few minutes with Brewster and the break-out, and Brian working it all out and gatecrashing the op were tremendous though. Did I mention I LOVE Brian?

  2. CJ Cregg July 4, 2016 / 12:38 am

    Oh! Throughout the ep I was thinking “I know Brewster from somewhere, where do I know him from?” I eventually gave up and googled him – it’s Tim from Justified! Yay Tim!

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