Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Sometimes, well enough should just be left alone.

The original Independence Day was a big, brash, incredibly fun movie I saw and thoroughly enjoyed 20 years ago, but this bizarrely belated attempt to cash in on its continued popularity is less disaster movie than just disaster. The version I saw/ cinema I saw it in seemed to have appalling sound which didn’t help at all – I struggled to hear most of the dialogue – and made it even more of a chore to try and work out what was going on beyond “People from the first movie! New people! Alien Ships! Explosions! Lots and lots of CGI!” but it doesn’t really matter. The mish-mash of sub-plots, stereotypes and plain stupidity means the whole thing’s incoherent and creatively bankrupt anyway. The new characters might as well have been created by questionnaire, they’re so transparently written with particular markets in mind as opposed to actual storytelling, and while it’s nice to see Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldlblum and Judd Hirsch’s characters again, that’s somewhat diluted by the fact that every single one of them deserves better than this rubbish. A waste of time, money and talent. Hurrumph.


One thought on “Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

  1. Snoskred July 3, 2016 / 7:39 am

    I won’t see the movie, the first one was enough and cannot be replicated in any useful way, except I seemed to note in the trailers they resurrected the speech from the first movie, but I loved, loved LOVED the many and varied outfits Jeff Goldblum wore for the “poledance” as Tom and Lorenzo like to call it. And I just love to see him out there, in the world, doing things of any kind. So they can make another 5 of these movies if they want! 🙂

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