Limitless s1 ep 20

It’s Rebecca’s turn to narrate, in “Hi. My Name Is Rebecca Harris”, although when we first see her she’s about to be shot. Winding back a little, we pick up at the end of the last episode, and the conversation between Brian and Rebecca which has been coming for the whole season: he promised not to lie to her, he’s been lying to her, and he needs to come clean. Which he does, about (I think) more or less everything; all the good stuff, anyway, like her father, the enzyme, Morra, the coat, Piper, Sands, and a stolen lasagne. Rebecca is all, well, let’s get Sands for killing my father, and I’m going to take your daily NZT dose to help things along.

Unsurprisingly, Rebecca on NZT is an even more amazing detective than normal (Brian rightly says it’s not fair), which means that even after she gets shot by Sands’s man she’s more than up to the task of dangling bait and tempting Sands into having a nibble. (In the middle of that I really liked Sands texting Brian to warn him immediately before the shots were fired. Sands has been less of an out-and-out villain than he at first seemed to be.) Admittedly the show needs some less-than-convincing scientific jiggery-pokery to get to where it wants to be, including a conversation, using a homemade EEG, with someone who has locked-in syndrome. Brian and Rebecca think he can be used as a witness in court. Uh, not sure about that, dudes.

The real kicker comes at the end, when Rebecca deduces that, by bringing Sands down, Brian has sacrificed his immunity shots for her sake. Piper is still out there, I suppose, although that might mean a shipping dilemma – did Rebecca’s “father” mean that she likes Brian, or that she likes Brian? But with Sands’s team now having the ability to manufacture NZT and its antidote, only two more episodes – ever – to go, and the show apparently now incapable of being less than stunning, we’re going out on a high.

3 thoughts on “Limitless s1 ep 20

  1. e June 30, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    I know this won’t be a really popular thing to say, but Rebecca on NZT is not very nice. Brian (and Husband to murdered Wife) have been the only characters who genuinely can be as decent on NZT as off it, and we didn’t get to see much of NZT-Husband. Granted, she wasn’t as bad as Casey, but she lied, she cheated, she manipulated — all the things she was ragging on Brian for doing, and she didn’t have the nobile excuse that he was doing all this to save Rebecca’s life from Morra & associates.

    • CJ Cregg June 30, 2016 / 8:05 pm

      E, I was just coming here to say the same thing – I thought it was a great episode, but I didn’t *like* Rebecca on NZT either. She was, like Morra and Piper, so focussed on what she wanted that there was no room for anything else – she was sacrificing principles and process all over the place and justifying it as necessary for the investigation when it really wasn’t justifiable at all. She was even happy to pay a witness to lie and to let a murder be ignored and treated as a natural death because she didn’t want to waste time getting involved! At least NZT Brian has always been conflicted about having to lie or do the things he had to do. He always tried to do the right thing by as many people as he could, while NZT Rebecca didn’t give a stuff about the right thing – just about getting what she wanted, if you know what I mean.

      I would guess the idea is that in the process of heightening brain power, NZT heightens whatever is dominant in a person’s personality. So Rebecca’s tenacity, focus and analytical skills were heightened, while her softer skills and moral compass slipped into the background as a result.

      Non-NZT Rebecca would have immediately realised and cared about the sacrifice Brian made for her too. When she did realise and he was so lovely about it…. Sigh. I’m still shipping Rebrian / Brebecca, Jed. As long as she doesn’t go back on the NZT.

      PS – Jake McDorman is wonderful.

  2. Jed Bartlet June 30, 2016 / 8:36 pm

    OK – I’ll be even more heretical and wonder if Rebecca off NZT is all that nice?

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