How To Get Away With Murder s2 ep 15

We’re reaching that time of the year when the shows that we write about on a weekly basis are winding down, so that gives me a chance to say a little about some of the things I watch regularly but don’t review. Starting with How To Get Away With Murder, and its somewhat disappointing second season.

On one level, I suppose you could argue that to populate a network drama with such a tremendously unlikeable set of characters – in particular, the rebarbative Frank – is moderately courageous, even if it left at least one viewer looking for someone to root for. Admittedly the last couple of episodes, probably the best of the season, addressed and mitigated Annalise’s monomania: it’s understandable why she might be so devoted to her career given the twin tragedies which befell her, and the scenes which dealt with the REDACTED of her REDACTED had genuine power. I won’t forget the photo taken in the hospital any time soon.

Against that, though, I thought the plotting to be messy. Moreover, there was something deliberately dishonest about the way in which we were taken back to key scenes and shown that crucial information had been withheld – the one where Philip assaulted Annalise being a good example of what I mean. Ah. We only saw half of it first time round. That’s not good storytelling; that’s cheating.

There was, of course, another murder at the end of this final episode, teeing up the third season. I’m not sure if I’ll bother next time round; I suspect there are better shows I could be watching.


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