The Catch s1 ep 4

Just about the only thing wrong with this episode is the title, ‘The Princess and the I.P.’, which tries a little too hard. Otherwise, I thought this was the best episode so far. In the Case of the Week, Alice and her team are consulted by the owner of military contractors Olympic Edge. Star developer Gwen has gone missing together with her laptop, which contains the manufacturing specs for ThruSight, a tool which allows the user to see through walls; it was intended for locating survivors at disaster sites, but clearly has a military application. It’s claimed that Gwen has the only copy of ThruSight, but as anyone who’s watched TV in the past ten years will confirm the seeing-through-walls technology (“How many hostiles?”) is everywhere. Anyway, Gwen turns up dead, the laptop’s gone, and it looks as if someone’s trying to sell the technology to terrorists. I kind of guessed who the baddie was, but there was at least one twist I did not see coming, and a clever ending. It isn’t quite enough, though, to distract Smooth Male Associate from his crush on Slightly Geeky But Still Attractive Female Associate, who is now being wooed by Shawn, a ten-foot-tall – yet clever and sensitive! – brick outhouse of a security consultant, who I don’t think we’ve seen before.

Meantime, in the chase for Ben, Alice has dramatically raised her game. Ben and Margot still need lots of money to keep their mysterious benefactor from killing them, although Margot manages to, uh, divert the attention of the woman sent to obtain repayment. Ben has managed to persuade the Princess to spend $15m on a charity to highlight the cause of the rights of women and girls around the world; this, of course, is money which he intends to devote instead to the cause of Ben not getting killed. It’s brilliantly engineered: everything works, from Ben’s meeting with the head of the chosen charity through to the scene at the end, which managed to be both exciting and romantic. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that the writers have clearly appreciated – correctly, in my view, although time will tell – than Ben and Alice need to be kept apart and they need to be in scenes together. Hence the simultaneously public, yet deliciously clandestine, nature of their last exchange. The Catch continues to be superior entertainment, and looks as if it’s hitting its stride.


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