Limitless s1 ep 19

Brian is back home, but isn’t strutting around quite as much as before: Naz, understandably, wasn’t delighted when Brian hit Russia while carrying contraband NZT. So he’s had the HQ! taken away, there are lots of new rules, and two additional minders: Mr X and Mr Y, supervising him 24/7. Mr Y will, in due course, turn out to be a Sands placeman.

But before that there’s a Case of the Week to be solved: the murder of billionaire Gordon Roper, who had his right kidney removed by the killer. Roper had been awaiting a transplant, and to start with it looks as if he jumped the queue and bought a kidney, which was subsequently repossessed. Now, at this point I was thinking “Hang about – hasn’t someone already done organ repossession, and quite recently as well?” (Answer: yes.)

Then the storyline changes direction and becomes about the pioneering 3D printing of a live and transplantable human organ, with Roper interested both as someone needing a kidney, and as an investor in Biosoma, the company developing the technology. And then it becomes something else again, with poor old Stavros taking one for the team in order to track down the sort of underworld doctor capable of transplant surgery. In lesser hands the Case would have been something of an afterthought, given how much else was going on in the episode, but it was brisk, imaginative and fun; and it even gave us a gleefully nasty conclusion, which also served to explain the episode’s title.

Meantime, the season-long arc is increasing in intensity. Piper is back in NYC, having developed the enzyme which will free her and Brian from Morra. In order to meet her, Brian needs to shake Mr Y; what he doesn’t know, though, is that Ike and Mike are also following him, at Rebecca’s direction. Piper doesn’t turn up for their meeting, though, and someone leaves her bloodstained bracelet in Brian’s safe house. So Brian confronts Morra, who says that he didn’t know Piper was still alive, and concludes that Sands has gone rogue, although he seems relaxed about it. Surprisingly so, given that Sands now has a gang of villains and the capability, thanks to Piper, to manufacture NZT and its antidote. But in any event Rebecca’s had more than enough, and when Brian gets home she’s waiting for him with a pair of handcuffs, and not in a good way. Another terrific episode.


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