Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 24

People are dying in Honolulu because of the availability of some crystal meth nicknamed “The Plague”. My understanding of meth is that, in general, it isn’t particularly good for health – although, to paraphrase Harry Hill, it’s very moreish – so the fact that there’s unusually bad meth on the streets of Oahu isn’t great news. It turns out to be a feint, though – perhaps to be addressed in the next episode? – because the real story is that a meth-head shoots and grievously injures our old friend Gabriel Waincroft, and a concerned citizen calls it in, meaning that the Five-0 – minus Grover – can pick him up, bullet wound and all, from a drug den.

So: job done, season-long arc resolved? Nuh-uh. In procedurals, when no-one can get a signal on their phones it’s invariably a signifier that there’s trouble ahead, and so it proves here: Michelle Shioma has someone on the inside at the HPD, so she also knows that Gabriel has been found; and, H50 be damned, she wants him dead no matter the price to be paid in “collateral”. Thus a small Yakuza army turns up intent on blasting the Five-0 out. This firefight will rage through at least two buildings, including a rooftop leap from one to the other.

Meantime, as the battle is going on, Steve manages to get a call to Grover, who salivates with joy at the prospect of a shooting match with Shioma’s troops. But Michelle has planned ahead, and Grover’s SWAT vans are stopped en route by those things with spikes you drag across roads. (Stingers?) Leading to another shootout. By the end, Chin has managed to drag Waincroft to a hospital, where he (we’re told) dies in surgery; a somewhat underwhelming end for this season’s Big Bad. Michelle, meantime, is in the wind, possibly to be the subject of this week’s season finale, or left out there for next year.

It’s hardly subtle film-making, but in all honesty it’s terrifically exciting; the first three-quarters of the episode blew past without me even noticing. Even the #bantz between Steve and Danny had an unusually tense and angry tone. It looks expensive as well; perhaps with the end of the season approaching the producers had some unspent money in the budget, and decided to put it all up on screen? There are one or two peripheral issues that the episode probably doesn’t need – Max is off to Médicins Sans Frontières, and Chin is asked by Gabriel to look after his now-orphaned daughter Sara – but otherwise this is lean and thrilling.

“On me!” Watch: I have no idea whether “on me!” is genuine police slang, or just something that TV writers have come up with in the past year, but there’s been a sudden outbreak of it in procedurals. Seems to be reserved for the alpha dog, though, so this week Steve fires off two “on me!”s.

This episode was brought to you by: as I said, it looked expensive, so perhaps the involvement of the Beachhouse at the Moana will have helped.


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