Blindspot s1 ep 23


Now that last week’s flat-out fantastic instalment has up-ended everything, everyone in Team Tat may be in very deep water (insert your own “Jane in shower” joke here), but maverick crimefighter rules dictate that, instead of joining forces and pooling (sorry) information, they all have to run separate investigations from different angles.

Let’s start with Reade and Zapata, who, with the Marshal sniffing around (because there is obviously no one other than Kurt’s ex-girlfriend available to look for Kurt’s missing presumed-felon boss), come off the subs bench to launch their own hunt for Mayfair, reluctantly and apologetically recruiting a wonderfully furious Patterson – “I tell you guys EVERYTHING” – to help out.

Because Patterson is too awesome to confine herself to the standard “OMG BLOOD!” luminol trick, however, this also means finding and breaking into Mayfair’s safe using the signs of the Chinese zodiac (obv), setting up a shadow network-within-a-network (or something equally techy) and the use of some advanced code-breaking techniques when Zapata finally asks the question I’m sure we’ve all been pondering: “What if she used a Vigenere cypher?”

What, indeed.

Somewhat bizarrely, the answer requires us all to remember, albeit briefly, Patterson’s boyfriend Pushy, dead but STILL not forgotten, if only because the show won’t allow him to be. For a moment, I feared he’d return by way of computer simulation or virtual reality sequence or – FFS – actual resurrection, since Blindspot seems determined to keep the memory of him alive in our bile ducts, one way or another, but thankfully, a moment’s solemnity, a quick head-scratch, and we have the keys or, more accurately, the keystrokes, to whatever dark kingdom Mayfair wandered into. And, as Patterson points out, “now we’re in it, too.”

The supporting cast aren’t the only ones recovering data, however. Jane, having somehow lost both Oscar and Mayfair’s body between last week and bath time, also breaks into Mayfair’s house (seriously, what is UP with the lack of security there?), before recruiting her own worried tech expert to help: Hi Ana! Welcome back. And thanks! A few more keystrokes and she finds first Shephard, a man whose significance is suddenly being built up a lot, presumably in preparation for next season, and then Tree Tat Man who finally reveals himself to be a) one of those 24-style villains whose plan is to make a better world by burning this one to the ground, and b) a colossal jerk. (Okay, that last part I already knew.) Tree Tat’s plan for Jane is similar to that of his plan for the US govt – wipe her entire self away, then start again – but Jane’s not having that. A frankly awesome somersault followed by a vicious fight, and a handy axe to the stomach – ouch – help persuade him otherwise, with the entire building going up in flames (along with Mayfair’s body?) just to make doubly sure. Goodbye, Tree Tat Man! Please don’t come back.

Jane scrawling “For Carlos” on the nearby truck seems both foolhardy and unearned, especially since, till this week, we only knew Carlos as Beardy and he wasn’t exactly the good guy Gandhi of the group, but no matter. Jane’s problems are about to get much bigger than that, as, while she’s been looking for Mayfair’s remains, the heartsick Weller has been looking for hers. Or, more accurately, Taylor Shaw’s.

When a search with Sarah of the Weller family backyard turns up nothing, poor Kurt’s hopes and dreams are restored, but they only last as long as his Dad’s beer does: a trip to the garage reminds Kurt there’s another Fort, and – somewhat alarmingly, given all that drinking – off he drives to dig up his poor childhood friend’s tiny Wellington boot, and with it both the little girl’s femur and a whole lot of trouble for the Consultant Formerly (and Fraudulently) Known as Taylor Shaw.

The season ends, then, with a terrifyingly angry Kurt arresting a tearful, devastated Jane – for what, it’s not entirely clear yet but I’m sure he and Evil Dylan Baker will think of something. Given the sheer scale of the deception Jane has actually been involved in, and the small matter of his beloved boss disgraced and dead because of it, it’s difficult to see how she’ll ever persuade him she wasn’t in on the “pretend you’re his dead childhood friend” part. Can the good ship Jeller ever come back from this? Will Patterson and Borden ever get it together and become the nicest couple on tv? And will there ever be any actual need for Reade and Zapata? I guess we’ll find out in a few months time. As far as this first season goes, apart from the odd humdrum episode, Blindspot has been a ridiculous, riotous, unexpected highlight. It’s not perfect – Kurt, in particular, hasn’t been an unmitigated delight – and it’s exceptionally silly, but it’s also insanely entertaining, cleverly-if-madly-plotted, and often, particularly this week and last, genuinely thrilling too. Yes, none of it makes any sense if you think about it hard enough, but my advice? Don’t. You’ll just miss out on all the fun.


2 thoughts on “Blindspot s1 ep 23

  1. Jed Bartlet June 14, 2016 / 11:43 pm

    “Let’s get back to committing numerous felonies”. HEE. In case I haven’t said it enough, Patterson, I love you.

    I thought this episode was energetic but, perhaps, a little… messy? Still, it’s been a terrific first season.

  2. Kay20 September 8, 2016 / 7:37 am

    Two of my favorite characters dead in two weeks. This show hates me.

    A few things:
    a) Love Patterson
    b) Did think it was funny that Patterson told the team that she tells them everything in the same episode where she was reminded of David…aka, the time when she DIDN’T tell the team everything.
    c) Jane has zero feelings about killing the guy she was going to marry. I know you guys hate him, but this was a big NO for me.
    d) I really want Jane to understand that she is at the center of some of this. She is playing herself the victim without recognizing that she is the mastermind behind a lot of what’s going on.
    e) I love the idea of the mysterious Shepard.
    f) I like Sarah (Kurt’s sister), she balances him out and I hope she returns in a recurring role. They should give her more to do.
    g) More Borden please!
    h) Seriously going to miss Mayfair.

    But in the best news: Archie Panjabi (Kalinda!) joins Blindspot next season. I’m excited by this as long as they make her seasons 1-3 Kalinda, and not season 4+ Kalinda. She’s a great actress, and I want to see what she can do on this show.

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