The Good Wife s7 ep 19

Gary Cole’s back!

It may or may not be a coincidence, but I thought this was the best episode in months. I don’t believe for a second that the fiercely intelligent, unflappable Diane is “mesmerised by men who use words of more than one syllable” or whatever it was – that didn’t ring remotely true and was something of an insult to a consistently magnificent female character – but it was lovely seeing Christine Baranski and Gary Cole playing off each other again, with the added bonuses of David Lee being hilarious and Ivy from Smash spicing things up also more than welcome.

The case of the week was a lot of fun, too, cleverly working years of NSA/surveillance-related themes and characters into a smart, pointed satire which hit more than a few deserving targets. I loved Alicia’s complete bafflement at Florrick fanboy Tyler eagerly asking after Zach and Grace, but it was Her Worship Nora Valentine’s palpable disapproval of “American-style interruptions” and just about everything else which stole the show: “It would be better if our neighbours from the south would try to emulate the freedoms we enjoy here with no surveillance and with our superior health care.” HEE.

On a less fun, but no less enjoyable, front, meanwhile, the Peter’s arrest sub-plot was handled beautifully, with the whole series coming full circle and Alicia and Peter “right back where we started from.” Unsurprisingly, of course, Alicia’s (and the show’s) bizarre obsession with Jason continued to jar, but we seem to be stuck with him; if TGW ends forever with him and Alicia painted as some kind of great, enduring love story, I will just have to forget that any of this season ever happened but, meantime, I thought this ep was very good indeed.


2 thoughts on “The Good Wife s7 ep 19

  1. Jed Bartlet June 9, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    Yes, yes, yes. Entirely agree. After giving the show a kicking last week, I thought this was the best episode for ages and one of the best of the season. And it didn’t even need to do anything particularly radical, or kill anyone off – just be like The Good Wife.

    Firstly, the Case of the Week was excellent – yet another “court” setting, with added comedy being added by the Canadian aspect. As it happens I thought the judge overdid it just a little, as did the writers in making sure that every Canadian character had at least one “aboot”, but the switch halfway through to the Canadian intelligence-gathering service – oddly, very much like the American one – was masterful. And, yes, the bit where Tyler, to Alicia’s evident bewilderment, said that she was taller than he expected and wondered how the kids were doing was both comedy gold and – again in oldskool TGW style – a payoff which has taken years to arrive. And, of course, “If the alternative is jail, could you live in Canada?” Hee.

    I also thought that the Diane storyline was terrific, in part because of what I thought was the knowing ambiguity of it. (And, throughout, quite beautifully played by Christine Baranski.) Were we expected to understand that Diane knew Kurt had slept with Holly? Or was it that Diane simply knew Kurt had a weakness for that sort of thing, and was heading the danger off at the pass? Either way all of their scenes were mesmeric, and the scene with Diane, Holly, and David Lee was for the ages: everything from the necklace burn to Zach Grenier’s line reading at the end when asking Diane if there was anything she wanted him to do.

    As it happens, I was a little more forgiving of Diane and her weakness for men who quote Tolstoy, etc.: I took it as a rueful piece of self-knowledge that she knew both where her vulnerabilities were, and as a lead in to her exposition of Kurt’s. Nor do I think that necessarily to be incompatible with fierce intelligence and unflappability; I know one woman, a graduate, a professional, and fiercely intelligent, who has a weakness for men who look like Matt Bomer.

    Even Cary’s scene was good. So against all of that I’m inclined to give the Jason stuff a pass this week.

    • CJ Cregg June 9, 2016 / 5:47 pm

      “I know one woman, a graduate, a professional, and fiercely intelligent, who has a weakness for men who look like Matt Bomer.”

      Heh. Touché.

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