Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 23

Our old friend Gerard Hirsch (played, as ever, by Mozzie off of White Collar) is called out to clean the house of single mother Vanessa Diaz, this week’s murder victim, who was shot in her bedroom. Once he starts work – to some choice Todd Rundgren – he’s attacked by someone who jumps out of Diaz’s panic room. Gerard is fine, and the Five-0’s working assumption is that the dude who assaulted him also killed Diaz, but that doesn’t stack up. In fact there were two criminals: panic room guy, who was there to do a bit of stealing and suddenly found himself watching a murder, and killer guy.

Diaz was, according to neighbours, doing something nebulous in finance, although the Five-0 can’t find any trace of her having been employed anywhere. Still, she had lots of money, and she came from Sinaloa in Mexico: ergo, drugs. Profiling, anyone? Meantime, Diaz’s daughter Sara, who was sleeping elsewhere when her mother was murdered, claims to have an Uncle Chin in the police. Huh? Chin – already distracted by trying to get Jerry out of his house so that he can enjoy more sexytimes with Abby – investigates, and it turns out that Sara’s aunt was Malia, Chin’s dead wife, meaning that her father is Gabriel Waincroft.

Sara is then abducted when being moved to a Five-0 safe house – might be as well to ensure that there’s a safe route to your safe house, folks? But the Gabriel connection means that there’s a suspect: Michelle Shioma, hoping to draw Gabriel out by killing his family. I’m over the Waincroft arc, but that aside this was reasonably good.

Women in the Workplace Watch: Kono’s Five-0 duties this week were as follows. Firstly, she had to babysit Gerard, who has form for behaving inappropriately towards her; and who, she discovered, has painted a huge portrait of her and hung it in his bedroom. Then she was leered at by elderly residents of the nursing home where Gerard’s father Leo (the great Elliott Gould, rather wasted in the role) is living. Then she promised Leo that she would keep an eye on Gerard. Then she taught Gerard how to surf, putting up with low-level sexual harassment all the while. Hope she thinks the time spent in training to become a police officer was worth it.


4 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 23

  1. Capt. Harold Dobey June 5, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    Sure, he’s inappropriate but he really really likes her. He’d be better for her than Adam. Anyone who works on the shrimp truck would be better than Adam. And he seems like the kind of guy who might actually make Kono go and visit her mum now and again.


  2. CJ Cregg June 8, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    I know this is EXCEPTIONALLY shallow and everything on my part, Capt, but you’re missing the point re Adam.

    He *looks* like Adam.

    And, by way of cherry on top, he’s a proper bad boy (not a lech like Gerald) whom Kono thinks she can change/ has changed. That is an UNBEATABLE combo.


  3. Jed Bartlet June 8, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    I’d say “lech” is understating it.

  4. CJ Cregg June 8, 2016 / 10:55 pm

    Well, I did stop watching H50 a few months ago so I’m not fully sighted on his behaviours…..

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