Limitless s1 ep 16

Brian is hanging out at home with his sister Rachel (Megan Guinan) who, as we are reminded in the previouslies, Ike thinks is cute. It could reasonably be argued that Ike has a point. Before I can spend too long thinking about just how much of a point Ike has, though, the peace is disturbed: Sands turns up at the door, bleeding copiously from a wound on his leg, in all likelihood caused by the piece of glass sticking out of it.

One NZT later Brian has sufficient field surgery skills to repair the worst of the damage, but the night has just started: Sands demands Brian’s help in finding someone called Frederick Tanner, who has forced Sands to hunt down and kill his, Sands’s, old army buddies. In the course of finding out why, we get plenty of Sands backstory, partly rendered as a series of chapters from a comic book.

All of this, though, means that Rebecca can’t find Brian in order to work an urgent CJC case, in which a young boy, the son of an American diplomat with access to UN Security Council information, has been abducted. Ike is sent to Brian’s apartment to wait for him, and since Rachel is still there, and Ike is quite willing to play up his role in keeping Brian safe for impressing-the-ladies purposes, they will of course hook up. But in the meantime Rebecca needs to get on with finding the kidnapped boy for herself. Not for the first time, she proves herself almost as good without NZT as Brian is with it.

It probably took me longer than it should have to work out the link between the two plots, but when it’s revealed it explains a lot about Sands, Tanner, and why Sands is so ready to do Tanner’s bidding. And as Sands and Brian close in on Tanner, there’s a telling moment when Brian – who’s been going to considerable lengths to try to prevent any killing – tells Sands to “do what you have to do”, knowing what that means. It mitigates the idea that Brian is too squeaky-clean to exist in the world he’s found himself in, and it provides a human connection of sorts between Brian and Sands.

There’s a further twist, though: it’s Rebecca’s birthday, and she’s mightily pissed off about it. (As am I on mine, but I’m older, so I’m allowed to be.) Her reason for that is powerful enough, but it contains yet another connection to the main plot, when Brian discovers that Rebecca’s father was killed by someone we know. ‘Sands, Agent of Morra’ is another superbly imaginative and entertaining episode, which puts beyond doubt that – notwithstanding the show’s cancellation – Jake McDorman is a star, and one who presumably won’t need to wait too long for another vehicle. And we even got the return of Brian’s FBI t-shirt.

One thought on “Limitless s1 ep 16

  1. CJ Cregg June 6, 2016 / 11:06 pm

    I thought this was tremendous. I loved the comic book stuff, loved the return of the FBI t-shirt, loved the movie director theme – just generally loved it. I’m gutted we only have a few more eps to go before we have to say goodbye to Limitless forever. It’s fantastic, and as you say, Jake McDorman is a star. I love him.

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