Game of Thrones s6 ep 6


No Jon, no Sansa and no storming Winterfell and cutting Ramsay Bolton into tiny pieces (yet) this week, which is disappointing. Despite the absence of its two central figures, though, there were definite signs that House Stark as a whole might be reuniting very soon, with Uncle Benjen popping up to save the infuriatingly useless Bran and the exhausted Meera and answer a few fan FAQs about his whereabouts for the past five years; and Arya, having caught up with season four via that idiotic play, deciding it’s FINALLY time to stop messing around with these Faceless jerks and get her name and her sword back. Hurrah! It’s only taken my entire life, but whatevs.

While the Starks are heading back to their roots, however, the Tullys are already there, with Catelyn’s M.I.A-since-the-Red-Wedding uncle Blackfish having returned from the longest bathroom break in history to take back Riverrun. Just in time for it to become the most-popular place in Westeros! After this week, just about everybody’s heading there; Lannisters, Freys, Starks…. I hope somebody’s ordered in plenty of snacks. And maybe a DJ for the reunion disco.

Yes, this was an episode steeped in the show’s history, with reunions and recaps everywhere. As well as Arya’s play and Bran’s visions reminding us of things we’ve either already seen (Ned! Robb!) or already known (the Mad King!), much of the rest of “Blood of My Blood” involved suddenly returning to and resurrecting long-discarded characters and their storylines, what with Benjen, the Freys and even Ser Needle making their comebacks, while (courtesy of a justifiably irate if resolutely uninteresting Gilly) we also got a recap of what Sam’s being doing, and a reminder that his Dad’s a jerk. I might have pruned some of it – we really did not need to spend so long at House Tarly, just grab the sword and get going, Sam – but all together, it adds to the general season six theme of the show’s various disparate strands beginning to draw together. We’re on the home strait.

Who will make it to the end is another matter, of course, but, thanks to Margaery, several thousand people whom the Lannisters and the Tyrells were quite happy to sacrifice get to live another day, at least. In a frankly glorious scene, Jaime, looking and sounding fabulous, and with the ridiculous Mace and the majestic Olenna at his back, challenges the High Sparrow to hand over Margaery and Loras or be cut down by the Tyrell forces, only to find out they’re a day late and a dimwit short; yes, the magnificent Margaery has grown tired of waiting for everyone else to rescue her, and saved herself from Cersei-style mortification by recruiting the beatifically stupid Tommen to Team Sparrow, instead.

(Let me pause here to think about what a gorgeous, world-beating couple Jaime and Margaery might have made if he hadn’t been sleeping with his sister, and she hadn’t married both his sons. Sigh. I guess there’s always fanfic.)

On the one hand, Tommen switching sides is a disaster of epic proportions, since the only thing more powerful and fascist than the Faith Militant is the Faith Militant in control of the Crown, but on the other, it’s quite possibly the best thing ever, since it means him sending Jaime off to join everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms at Riverrun and the chances of a Jaime/ Brienne/ Tormund love triangle of awesomeness shooting up by about 100%. Yay for Turncoat Tommen! Even a stopped clock’s right twice a day.

Which brings me to the other blonde contender for the Iron Throne. Not so much a stopped clock as a broken record, Daenerys is now back giving her usual chest-beating speeches to the Dothraki, as opposed to the Meereeneese or the Yunkans; let’s face it, the tribes and the languages may change but the words are basically the same – “I’m awesome! The Seven Kingdoms are mine, let’s go burn’em down – raaaaaargh!” (Not an exact translation, but you get the drift.) It’s all very rousing the first six or seven times you hear it – especially when Drogon drops in to give it added oomph – but it’s getting somewhat tired now, and highlights that Daenerys’s main strength is also her principal weakness; she’s terrific at spectacle and conquest, but absolutely useless at the ins and outs of day-to-day governance that come after the fight’s over. So the places and people she take over will always, always lose out in the end. As Daario puts it, “You weren’t made to sit on a chair in a palace…. You’re a conqueror, Daenerys Stormborn.” With a completely blinkered, vastly inflated view of her own entitlement and abilities, and a worrying obsession with fire. Daario and the Dothraki may think she’s amazing but, at this stage, instead of cheering her on as the great change the Seven Kingdoms need, I think the rest of us might have to start worrying that the Targaryen apple really may not have fallen too far from the Mad King tree.


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones s6 ep 6

  1. e May 31, 2016 / 4:11 am

    I don’t read the books. I don’t watch the TV series. All I do is read the recaps. If she marries Jon Snow, can’t he handle the administrative work while she goes into motivational speaking and dragon gymkhanas? Or is he too busy fixing his hair to govern? Aren’t they supposed to be Henry VI and dragon girl Margaret of Anjou and this whole thing the War of the Roses?

    • CJ Cregg May 31, 2016 / 9:05 pm

      I’m not convinced they’ll end up together, tbh, e. I think the power and the fire have gone to her head and he might end up having to fight her too, but even if she manages to stay the right side of demented, I just can’t see that they’re suited. And if fan theory is right, she’s his auntie, which might be fine for past Targaryens but Jon was raised a Stark and is far too respectable for those sorts of shenanigans.

      Of course, I may just be jealous, since I’m very fond of Jon Snow and his hair myself 😉 He deserves better than Daenerys!

      On a more positive note, though, because I’m always criticising Daenerys, I should say Emilia Clarke was on Graham Norton this week and she was absolutely lovely. She was on with Matt Le Blanc whom she clearly has the biggest crush on and they were adorable, bless. Worth checking out!

      • e June 1, 2016 / 1:40 am

        It’s a song of ice and fire. He’s ice. She’s fire. I’m sold.

  2. Bill June 2, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    I agree with you about the scene with the High Sparrow and Jaime, it was so well done, and I couldn’t believe it when Tommen stepped out behind the door! This must be one of Margaery’s schemes as I just can’t believe the High Sparrow managed to break her.

    I have a feeling that some sort of epic battle akin to the red wedding will take place at Riverrun; although I am slightly worried that the main contenders are on the move to the same place. Is this a sign that GOT is coming to an end? I am however looking forward to Brienne and Jaime’s reunion as well, the love triangle would be great viewing and a bit of light relief!

    Emilia Clarke was a delight on Graham Norton. I read an interview with her somewhere and she said that her father advised her “never go out with a man whose television is larger than his bookcase”, which I thought was a very clever piece of advice, and I am a big fan as a result.

    • CJ Cregg June 3, 2016 / 11:09 pm

      Definitely has to be one of Margaery’s schemes – she is way too clever for it to be anything else. The High Sparrow can run rings round Tommen but, I totally agree Margaery is made of much smarter stuff, there’s no way he broke her. I wonder if she got a two-for-one deal from the Sparrow – deliver Tommen, and she and Loras go free? Even if she didn’t, I can’t see her leaving Loras there for long. She’ll find a way to get him out.

      On the coming to an end note, it has that feel now, doesn’t it? I read that the next two seasons will be the last and will be short – 15 eps in total is what’s being quoted, which seems about right. There are all sorts of ideas for spin-offs floating around though, so maybe this doesn’t have to be the end… If any spin-offs revolve around Bran or Daenerys (sorry Emilia 😦 ), though, I am OUT.

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