Public Service Announcement 19 of 2016: The Catch

The latest show off the Shondaland conveyor belt arrives in the UK tonight. The Catch, in fairness, has a slightly unusual and intriguing genesis, as it comes from an original idea by novelist Kate Atkinson, whose work I like a lot. It revolves around hot-shot fraud investigator Alice (Mireille Enos), who is engaged to hot-shot financier Ben (Peter Krause). Unfortunately Ben is also a hot-shot grifter, who disappears before the wedding, leaving Alice to track him and his fellow con artists down with the help of her team of, uh, gladiators?

As you can probably tell, I’m kind of hoping for White Collar crossed with early Scandal here. But will I get it? On the one hand, the critical response has been ambivalent. Against that, Enos and Krause are attractive leads, and Sonya (Penny from Lost/Olivia from FlashForward) Walger is in the mix as well. Its first season runs to only ten episodes, which is always welcome. And – unlike our beloved Limitless – it’s been renewed. If this had come along maybe six weeks ago, there’s no chance I would have had the time to watch it. But with quite a few of my regular shows finishing up their runs for the summer, I might just have the capacity. We’ll see (tonight, Sky Living, 10pm).

Also starting: season 2 of Coach Taylor in Bloodline (tomorrow, Netflix).


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